BT Tower In Bristol Is A Secret Refuelling Station For Visiting Alien Spacecraft

February 27, 2017 1:52 PM ‐ UFOsWeird Bristol

This article is more than seven years old and was last updated in August 2019.

Purdown Tower, Bristol
It's not uncommon for newspapers to get strange letters from readers, but one man wrote to the Bristol Post claiming that one of the city's landmarks is in fact a charging point for alien spacecrafts.

Ernest B Skidmore from the Montpelier area of Bristol wrote a detailed letter to the paper sharing his concerns about the BT Tower at Purdown, near the Stoke Park estate.

The tower opened in 1970 and is visible across most of the city of Bristol, especially from the M32, a major route for traffic going in and out of the city.

Purdown tower servers as a sight-to-sight microwave station for BT and also broadcasts radio around Bristol and the surrounding area but Mr Skidmore believes the tower has a much more sinister use as a refuelling station for UFOs.

In his letter, Mr Skidmore talks about a strange experience he had near the tower while out walking his dogs last September and spookily, it happened on the same evening as an infrared camera on a police helicopter captured an unidentified object in the area.

Mr Skidmore starts by saying that September 16th 2016 was a sunny clear day, "at least it was until a mysterious fog fell upon the Purdown area of Bristol near to where I live."

He goes on to describe a strange mist he saw around the BT tower while walking his dogs, "the mist was thickest on top of the tower. It seemed to come from the horn shaped objects attached to the sides of the tower and travelled upwards."

Mr Skidmore says he was also aware of a low hum, "I felt unaccountably out of sorts, as though my energy was being drained through the top of my head. The hum grew deeper and began to oscillate."

In his letter, Skidmore described a "pink tinged luminescence" in the mist above the tower, of course this could have just been a result of the red warning lights that all towers have to warn low flying aircrafts of their presence.

Then Mr Skidmore describes how the phenomenon came to an abrupt end, "Purdown returned to a sunny meadow of tranquil birdsong."

He goes on to claim that "for years there have been local rumours saying that the Purdown tower is a refuelling station for UFOs," however there is no mention of this online before February of this year when Skidmore's own claims were made public.

Mr Skidmore claims his theory is backed up by the fact that cables travel up to the top of the tower and its close proximity to National Grid electrical pylons, which apparently terminate nearby. I'm pretty sure a radio tower would need cables running to the top as that's where the transmitters are, at the very least those cables could be lightning conductors.

If this alleged refuelling station has been on the outskirts of Bristol for 47 years, then how come no one has ever seen it being used by a UFO? Well, Mr Skidmore can answer that, "of course the space ships that use the services are invisible to the naked eye."

Mr Skidmore ends his letter by proposing that the council set up "special infra-red cameras" like the ones used on the police helicopters, so that "we could gauge how many UFOs stop here to fill up."

The letter also mentions the UFO sighting which occurred over the Bristol Channel on the same day, he says "the craft was invisible to the human eye but could be seen using the helicopter's infrared cameras. It was circular in shape and looked like it had a big eye ball looking back at the helicopter."

If you haven't seen the police helicopter footage of the UFO from September last year, then you can check it out below...


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