British Ufologist Demands Scientific Investigation Into Bristol UFO Sighting

January 17, 2017 9:06 AM ‐ UFOsWeird BristolParanormal

This article is more than seven years old.

Late last year the National Police Air Service shared a video on Twitter of an unidentified object which could not be seen with the naked eye, capture by thermal cameras 1000ft over the Bristol Channel.

Bristol UFO
The object which couldn't be seen by the naked eye was visible to the National Police Air Service St Athan's helicopter-mounted thermal camera during a routine flight over the Bristol Channel from its base in South Wales on September 17th 2016 at 9.30pm. The footage was tweeted two weeks later by @npas_stathan with the following caption...
"Any suggestion?? Nothing seen by local ATC... 👽"
Now a UFO investigator, Gary Heseltine, has accused police of withholding information about the sighting. They've ruled out that the footage might show a balloon or a Chinese lantern, but former police officer, Gary has been investigating the case and wants the NPAS to release more details including flight maps and audio from the cockpit.

Gary, who is the editor of UFO Truth magazine, claims that the craft was said to be flying against the wind at the time, was undetected by air traffic control and couldn't have been balloon or lantern because of its movement.

Gary certainly seems convinced on the object's extraterrestrial origin and is sure the local police are hiding something, "I've waited until now to see how much information I could obtain from the police via the Freedom of Information requests I've submitted. What I can say is that in my opinion the police have not been as open and transparent as they could have been."

The case bears a striking resemblance to another video released around the same time in Chile involving a Navy helicopter and Gary says "I believe this British case is a major UFO event and should be the subject of a scientific enquiry."

This video is consistent with all UFO "proof" videos and is filmed in a fuzzy, grainy style upholding the best capabilities of the camera technology which was available in 1973, thus making it impossible to fully identify the unidentified object.

If we apply Occam's razor to this, no more assumptions should be made than are necessary, then we can safely say this UFO is in fact nothing more than a Chinese lantern, albeit one that is flying erratically.

The police did say that the movement of the object isn't consistent with a Chinese lantern but the simplest answer is most often correct, so let me ask you, which of these options is most likely?

1. Aliens from across the gulf of space, minds immeasurably superior to ours, travelled to Bristol in an invisible space craft and then flew back home once they were spotted by a police helicopter.

2. It's a Chinese lantern which was too small to see with the naked eye but because of the flame heating the air around it appeared much bigger on the helicopter's thermal camera. Due to slipstreams/eddies, the lantern was moving in an odd, unpredictable fashion.

Yes, I thought you'd agree.

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