Ghost Hunting At Delapré Abbey

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Ghost Hunting At Delapré Abbey
Delapré Abbey, a former monastery with a rich and complex history, has long attracted the attention of paranormal enthusiasts. This neo-classical structure, built in 1145 and nestled within the meadows of the River Nene in Northampton, has witnessed significant events throughout its existence, including the Battle of Northampton. With a name meaning "in the meadow," Delapré Abbey has changed hands between several families and organisations, undergoing various transformations over the centuries.

However, it is not only the abbey's historical significance that draws intrigue. A chilling series of paranormal encounters have been reported within its walls, such as oppressive atmospheres, mysterious shadows, and unexplained noises. That's why I couldn't resist the chance to delve into the eerie happenings at Delapré Abbey and attempt to uncover the truth behind these haunting phenomena.

The ghost hunting event at the historic building located in Northampton, was being host by Most Haunted Experience, an offshoot of the long-running paranormal reality show. Yvette Fielding and her team investigated the abbey back in 2014, and found it to be so active that they returned for their live Halloween special last year.

From the rustling of a dress on the stairs to the ghostly battle cries in the dead of night, the abbey is steeped in otherworldly activity. Sightings of a Blue Lady, believed to be a spectral nun, and the ghostly figures of soldiers wandering the halls evoke an eerie sense of the past lingering within the present. The spine-chilling presence of a large black ghostly dog, known as a harbinger of death, adds an ominous layer to the already spine-chilling atmosphere of the abbey.

The haunting of Delapré Abbey's is perhaps most deeply rooted in its Civil War connections. During the Battle of Northampton in 1460, the Lancastrian King Henry VI and the Yorkist Edward Earl of March clashed on the grounds to the north of the abbey. The king was eventually captured and held prisoner within the abbey before being transported to London. It is believed that the echoes of this tumultuous period still resonate within the empty corridors of Delapré Abbey. Visitors have reported hearing ghostly battle cries and footsteps of soldiers marching, seemingly reenacting the bloody conflict that once unfolded on the surrounding lands.
Ghost Hunting At Delapré Abbey

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With around 30 people in attendance, the event felt intimate but the size of the building was daunting. The team split us into two groups, and we began our investigation in the library, shrouded in total darkness. Despite the eerie atmosphere, our fellow guests were confident and eager to call out to any spirits present.

As we asked questions, we experienced an incredible amount of tapping, almost as if the spirits were trying to respond. In one corner of the room, we noticed an old wooden skittles game, and as we gathered around it, we were amazed to see the ball suspended on a string begin to swing on its own. This séance-like activity proved more effective than many of the ghost hunting devices we had seen before.

Our second vigil took us to the surprisingly large cellar, where the atmosphere was quieter, but some guests felt uneasy. One even claimed to have felt someone grab her shoulder in the darkness. After a break with chicken cup-a-soup, we headed to the medieval rooms, the oldest existing part of the abbey, which proved to be mostly quiet but with several unexplained sounds, including a mysterious hissing noise.

Overall, the night was an exciting and eerie experience that left us questioning what we had witnessed. Thanks to the Most Haunted Experience team and all the guests for making it a night to remember. If you're looking to have your own ghost hunt at Delapré Abbey, head to to book your spot.

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