Hauntingly Beautiful Wedding Venues

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Haunted Wedding Venues
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With its somewhat dark history and gloomy weather it is really no surprise that the UK is home to a plethora of haunted sites. Apart from the countless locals and tourists flocking to these sites purely out of morbid curiosity, many die-hard fans of all things paranormal even want to say 'I do' in the presence of supernatural entities. If you would like to get married at a haunted venue, look no further. Here are a few places to consider if you want a few ghostly guests attending your wedding alongside your family and friends.

Hazlewood Castle Harbours A Host Of Spirits

Hazlewood Castle, Leeds

Tucked away in the woodlands of Leeds is Hazlewood Castle, a beautiful wedding venue with a sinister past. Frequent supernatural sightings of monks wearing black habits have been reported at the castle which first served as a monastery and then a family home. The apparitions can be seen walking away from the St Mary’s courtyard either towards the laundry storage area or into a Yew Tree. Guests have also complained about the incessant crying of a baby when there were no babies on staying at the castle as well as an uninvited guest slipping underneath the covers with guests staying in the Rose bedroom. Hazlewood Castle offers various wedding packages including one for smaller, intimate weddings and the very popular Woodland Packages that is perfect for couples seeking a ceremony with a back-to-nature feel.

Many Spirits Await At Ettington Park

Ettington Park Hotel Ghost Hunt

Before getting married it is essential to make sure that your love is built on a solid foundation.  If you and your partner share a love for the supernatural and are completely comfortable with each other's idiosyncrasies you are already off to a very good start. You will then also, more than likely, be completely blown away by the haunted offerings of the Ettington Park Hotel in Warwickshire.

The spectacular gothic mansion which is situated in Stratford-upon-Avon dates back to 1086. The hotel, which originally belonged to the Shirley family, has a very colorful history which includes the tale of 21 spirits who are believed to still haunt the premises to this day. While the haunted history of the hotel is undoubtedly one of its best features, the four-star venue also boasts various venue choices, an array of dining options, and a multitude of entertainment possibilities to choose from.

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Athelhampton House Has A History Of Hauntings

Athelhampton House

Athelhampton House is a 15th century Tudor manor house in the heart of Dorchester.There are three gorgeous areas at Athelhampton House that can be used for your wedding: the Great Hall & Great Chamber, twelve acres of gardens, and The Coach House.  The house is believed to be haunted by a number of ghosts including a terrible twosome of dueling knights who frequent the Great Chamber. Others include a Catholic priest, a grey lady, and a pet ape who was mistakenly entombed in a passage behind the great chamber and who can often be heard scratching at the walls.  Every wedding held at Athelhampton House is unique with the in-house wedding planning team making every effort to ensure that your special day surpasses your greatest expectations.
Getting married at a haunted venue is undoubtedly a dream-come-true for couples who love the supernatural. Thankfully, there are countless superbly spooky venues to choose from in the UK.

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