Help! My House Is Haunted: Manor Farm - Series 2, Episode 6 Review

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Help! My House Is Haunted: Manor Farm

Barri Ghai, Chris Fleming, and Jayne Harris head to a small village in Wiltshire for this weeks investigation, as they attempt to get to the bottom of paranormal activity reported at a grand manor house.

Built in 1863, the Manor Farm in Chilmark, near Salisbury, is the home of Jerome and Juliette Kitson. They've called in the team in the hopes that they'll be able to establish the cause of the strange happenings at the rural house on the Wilton Estate.

The house is Jerome's childhood home and he says he's experienced phenomenon there including strange green mists. This mist has been seen by several people in the house. They've also heard loud and unexplained noises coming from the attic, and objects have been moved around by unseen hands.

Juliette said, "it would just be really fascinating to find out who they are and the history behind them."

The team's psychic medium, Chris, always insists on being kept in the dark about the location, but before they even arrived at the property Chris became aware of something that he thought might be significant. He said, "the focus is on a woman. I think it's someone who has been on that land and died a long time ago and hasn't left".

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Chris' Walk Through

Help! My House Is Haunted: Manor Farm

As always the team split up and go about their specialist roles alone in order to find out more about the property. While Barri and Jayne head off to discover more about the Manor Farm's occupants and history, Chris begins by exploring the property alone, to try to get a feel for any spirits that might be present.

Soon after stepping into the house, Chris is drawn to the cellar, where he picks up on a sense of loneliness from a spirit he feels is present. Feeling a little threatened by whatever was there, Chris said, "I don't like this room".

Later on the ground floor, Chris was drawn towards the grand piano. He hit a few of the keys, and said "when I did this, I felt the presence upstairs". Following this psychic hunch, Chris headed upstairs, talking under his breath as he climbed the stairs, "like music. You do, don't you?"

Chris steps into one of the bedrooms, where he says he is pulled towards one of the walls. He starts to knock on the wall and finds a change in tone on an area of the wall, "something solid" and different to the rest of the wall is concealed behind the uniform layer of plaster.

Chris says, "I'm wondering if there was a doorway that went in to one of the other rooms here and it's been sealed." This is pretty impressive, as Jerome has already told us that this was his childhood bedroom and that there was indeed once a doorway in this room which lead through to a chapel which was once joined to the side of the building.

In another of the bedrooms Chris could feel the same female energy he'd been aware of on the way to the property trying to connect with him and the name "Kitson" seemed to come into his mind, but he wasn't sure of the word's relevance and initially failed to interpret it correctly, probably due to it being a fairly unusual name.

Moments later Chris heard three loud bangs, that sounded like they'd come from one of the walls.

Chris then climbed another flight of stairs to the attic, an area of the house that was once used as a dormitory for children evacuated from London during World War II. Chris said, "although the female energy is strong here, there are also playful residual energies occupying this space."

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The Haunted History Of Manor Farm

Help! My House Is Haunted: Manor Farm

Jayne invited local Wilton Estate historian, Ros Liddington, to the house for a chat in the garden about the property's history. Ros tells Jayne that local census information reveals one name that comes up time and time again - "Kitson". One of these former occupants was Rose Kitson, who was a servant at the house in 1901, but had disappeared by the next census in 1911.

Barri was also finding out about the building's history from Jerome's mother, who has lived there for more than 40 years. She tells him about the chapel, "when we were viewing the place, we were not allowed to see that part of the building". She tells Barri that a door to the chapel still exists, but hasn't been opened in about 30 years. The rumour is that this room was used by a religious sect, perhaps even a cult.

She then tells him about the chapel's darker history, "there were rumours when we first bought the farm that somebody had died, a nanny or something, in that room." The family think this domestic help could be responsible for the haunting at the house, but could this have been Rose Kitson?


Help! My House Is Haunted: Manor Farm

With their own individual investigations completed, the team re-group to share what they've learnt and to put together a plan of action for their nighttime investigation. It wasn't until they began sharing the background information they had gathered that Chris realised the significance of the name Kitson.

They then invited Jerome and Juliette, to help with a spirit trigger session. They are hoping that their presence might prompt the spirits to communicate with them. They start out in the dining room, where they conducted a séance lead by Chris. He called out, "please allow us to know of your presence in anyway that you feel most comfortable with".

Then suddenly they heard a strange sound that was hard to make out on camera, it appeared to be coming from the landing. Chris wanted to try to work out if it could be the spirit of Rose and called out to her directly, but instead of a woman, the sound of children were heard coming from outside.


Help! My House Is Haunted: Manor Farm

As the light fades outside, Jerome and Juliette left, and static cameras are rigged around the property. The team are then locked down inside the house for a 12 hour investigation throughout the night. Barri wanted to start off by investigating the forgotten secret room that was once the chapel. Unfortunately the small doorway was one floor up on the outside of the building, but with Chris' help Barri put a ladder in place and climbed up.

The door was covered in ivy, but Barri eventually managed to pull it open and peer inside. Behind the door was a small attic space. The bricked up door to the bedroom could be seen at the far end. Sadly, despite the excitement of getting into the room, it proved to be quiet in terms of paranormal activity.

Chris said, "I'm not getting any spiritual presence at all coming or going since we opened this. It's kind of dead. No pun intended."

However things were a little different for Jayne who was in Jerome's old bedroom at the other side of the old doorway to the secret room. She was plagued by sounds coming from the landing during her time there, but each time she went to investigate there was no obvious cause for the sounds. Jayne was convinced that these sounds were the result of Barri and Chris stirring things up by opening the chapel.

The team continued their investigation in one of the bedrooms, but Chris started to become concerned for Barri. He said, "I'm looking at Barri's eyes and I'm noticing something with his demeanour, that he's changing, that he's becoming more oppressed." Chris thinks this could indicate a spirit attachment that occurred when Barri ventured into the forgotten chapel room.

Chris takes Barri outside in order to perform a cleansing ritual on him. He explains, "I want to use a pure tone device, emitting a harmonic tone to disrupt the negative frequency effecting him," but before Chris even gets started, Barri points towards the front door and then in a trance-like state walks back into the house, straight upstairs and towards the old entrance to the chapel.

Chris and Jayne follow him and Chris is able to snap Barri out of it with his harmonic device. After Barri said, "something just made me want to come up here and knock on this door," or what was the door.
Help! My House Is Haunted: Manor Farm

Later on the landing, for the first time this episode, Chris pulled out his trusty audio recorder and attempted to capture some audible evidence of a spirit presence. He called out, "we wanna know who's here, so that the family who lives here knows how to address you". He played back the recording to check for any response in the form of an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP), but instead of a voice, they heard what they thought sounded like a child running away from them.

Barri and Chris then went up to the attic, an area that formerly served as a dormitory for children, and Chris got very excited by the evidence he captured. Once again using his audio recorder, he seemed to have caught what sounded like children sining. Chris said, "I'm very excited with this EVP, it's one of the strongest yet, and it captures the residual energy of children".

Later, while Barri was in the nerve centre reviewing camera footage, Chris and Jayne went to the basement, the only area they haven't investigated yet.

Jayne is using an SLS camera, a device that can map and record anomalies that appear outside of the visible spectrum. While pointing the camera in the direction of Chris, she suddenly felt as if something had grabbed her shoulder. Then moments later the camera detected an anomaly, which it displayed on its screen in the form of a stickman, but suddenly it crawled up the wall and through the ceiling.

They follow the figure to the ground floor, where they are met by Barri. He's set up a REM-Pod on the stairs. Barri described the device really well, he said, "it radiates its own electromagnetic field allowing spirits to interact with it displaying audible and visual cues".

The REM-Pod was soon flashing and beeping wildly. Waiting for a moment of calm, Barri asked, "if your name is Rose, can you make all the lights come on," and instantly the device reacted and all the lights did come on, which the team took as confirmation that they were in the presence of the spirit of Rose.

As Chris knows the spirit of Rose likes music, so he takes a seat at the piano, which is in earshot of the stairs and begins to play a few basic keys. The REM-Pod seems to react to this, and at time even mimics the tune.

When the team asked Rose if she wanted help moving on, the device fell silent, which the team took to mean that she was happy to stay at Manor Farm. Chris said, "Rose has provided us with her answer, and so we can conclude our investigation," but before he leaves the property Chris blesses the bedrooms to drive away any negative entities.


The episode had a slightly different feel to it than others in the series. It started off a little more slowly and at first didn't have a great deal of activity, apart from Barri's attachment, but as this is quite a subjective and personal thing it's hard to present this as evidence on a television show.

The team also used less ghost hunting gadgets early in the episode, and Chris didn't even use his audio recorder until quite late in the episode, but this slower pace wasn't a negative, it was just down to the fact that the building had a lot of interesting stories related to it, which all tied together and fed a strong narrative. Because of this, it felt like there was a bit more talking than normal, but it was interesting chat as of all the properties so far this series, this one probably has the best story attached to it.

'Help! My House Is Haunted' continues next week on Really as part of the channel's #Freakend event, bringing viewers two nights of paranormal entertainment every Thursday and Friday.

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