Help! My House Is Haunted: 'Dangers Of Dabbling' - Series 5, Episode 11 Review

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Help! My House Is Haunted: The Dangers Of Dabbling
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The 'Help! My House Is Haunted' Team Track Down A Demonic Entity Threatening A New Mum In Surrey

In the latest episode of 'Help! My House Is Haunted', titled 'Dangers Of Dabbling', available on Discovery+, the team is called to Chobham, Surrey. They're tasked with investigating disturbing occurrences in a Victorian semi-detached house, home to Chazelle.

Chazelle, who lives with her husband and their one-year-old son, called in the team after numerous distressing experiences. Her history with the occult, including spirit board sessions and automatic writing, is suggested as a possible trigger for these events.

The episode begins with the team en route to the location as they discuss the impending case. Historian and psychologist Jayne Harris expresses her intrigue but also concern, stating, "I'm always intrigued but just a little bit concerned about cases that involve people who've been experimenting, you know, trying to communicate with the other side." Barri Ghai, the team's tech expert, agrees, acknowledging the risks of the uninformed engaging in such practices. Ian Lawman, the team's psychic medium, ominously predicts, "I've got a feeling this one's going to be really sinister."

The homeowner, Chazelle, recounts her history of engaging with the spirit world since she was eight years old. She tells us about her encounters with a spirit that she calls the "Lady in White," but it seems this spirit's protective influence hasn't been able to keep her safe from darker entities.

Chazelle reflects on these experiences with regret, which include using a spirit board and attempting automatic writing. She now feels that these experiences are to blame for the paranormal activities in her house that have intensified, causing distress to her young son. Chazelle recalls a chilling experience: "One night I was in bed with my husband, and something was lying in between, and the man's voice whispered in my ear."

Upon arrival, Ian conducts a solo psychic sweep of the house, immediately sensing a darkness. He feels a presence following him and perceives entities that were invited in through occult practices. Ian's observations align with Chazelle's experiences, as he notes a female voice attempting to issue a warning. His examination becomes particularly unnerving in the child's bedroom, where he senses a heightened demonic interest due to the presence of a baby. Ian's experience culminates in a physical reaction when he starts coughing, indicating a dark entity's attempt to communicate through him.

Meanwhile, Barri meets Chazelle's sister, Anushka, to glean more insights into Chazelle's longstanding interest in the paranormal. Anushka expresses her concerns about Chazelle's activities, particularly the use of spirit boards and automatic writing, fearing that her sister may have inadvertently opened a door to something malevolent. Barri sums up the conversation by stating, "Don't ever dabble with things you don't understand, that's the rule."

Jayne is also off fact finding. She speaks with historian Dr. Nick Barrett to understand any historical context that might be influencing the current disturbances. Dr. Barrett reveals a macabre discovery made in 1941 near Chobham: an underground burial chamber containing child-sized bodies without skulls, their fingers worn down as if they had been alive and trying to escape.

With their initial research complete, the team regroups to initiate the first part of their investigation of the property, an experiment they call "spirit trigger." Barri invites Chazelle's sister, Anushka, to join them, hoping her familiar presence will stimulate spiritual interactions. Ian, sensing both protective and dark forces at play, notes, "Despite the possible presence of the protective white lady, I think there's something dark upstairs."

The team uses an SLS (Structured Light Sensor) camera. This is a specially adapted 3D mapping camera that is capable of detecting human-like shapes in its field of view and highlighting them on its screen in the form of a stick figure. They are also using the necrophonic app, which contains thousands of sounds that spirits are said to be able to manipulate in order to communicate.

Barri, addressing any spirits, asks, "The person who's with us right now, who do you want?" Moments later, Jayne hears a disembodied voice, and Barri spots a figure on his SLS camera. He says, "It's stood right there in the doorway by the mirror. Tell it to leave." Chazelle firmly tells the entity, "It's time for you to go now." The necrophonic app chillingly responds with words like "demon" and "kill."

"What do you want with the children?" Barri asks. They then hear a sinister response from the app, interpreted as "sacrifice." Chazelle's protective instincts flare as she confronts the entity, threatening, "You touch my son, I'll kill you again." Jayne hears an equally unsettling response through the app. She says, "That was 'gonna kill the witch or kill the bitch.'"

Barri suggests Chazelle reenact her initial automatic writing session, believing it opened a portal that brought the demonic entity into the house. Ian, guiding Chazelle into a deep relaxation state, asks her to describe her visions. Chazelle's vivid descriptions of a dark hole, screams, and the sight of children and bodies eerily align with the historical context provided by Dr. Nick Barrett earlier. Sensing the session was taking a dark turn, Ian quickly brings Chazelle back to full consciousness.

After Chazelle and Anushka leave for the night, the team embarks on their nightlong investigation to confront the dark presence in Chazelle's Surrey home.

Barri proposes, "Let's begin the investigation back in the living room." The team starts with a spirit box session in the living room. Jayne Harris inquires, "Is there a gentleman here in spirit?" It's believed that as a spirit box rapidly scans radio frequencies, spirits can manipulate the radio noise to communicate. Among the fleeting radio bursts, the team hears a response that they interpret as "the Devil."

Ian then probes further, asking, "Are you the man who was on the landing?" and receives an unsettling reply through the spirit box, perceived as "I'm evil." The team's asks about the pit allegedly found near by that was full of children's bones. Jayne asks, "Do you know about the child murders?" Another chilling response, "know," is taken as confirmation.

Barri then employs an audio recorder in an attempt to capture Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs), which are sounds believed to be ghostly voices that are not heard at the time of recording but are identified upon playback. He asks, "What has been summoned in this house?" A faint voice believed to say "evil" is heard, followed by the ghost hunting device flashing the word "Devil."

The team decides to move the investigation upstairs, with Ian hoping to engage the protective 'white lady' spirit seen earlier. In the guest bedroom, they call out for the lady's presence and hear an indistinct voice. Barri feels compelled towards the baby's room, where he experiences a frightening encounter. "There's someone stood in the doorway of that bedroom," he exclaims as he jumps back into the bedroom, almost knocking Jayne over.

Barri's fear intensifies as he falls to the floor, screaming after hearing a voice say, "Get out." Jayne notes, "I think we're being told to get out," while Ian tries to maintain calm and communicate with the spirits.

The team then attempts to seek assistance from the 'Lady in White' through the necrophonic app. Jayne asks, "Lady in White, is there a demonic entity here with us?" and Barri discerns the word "demon" in the app's response. They conclude that the house requires not just a cleansing but a spiritual intervention.

Ian Lawman takes charge, explaining, "We've created a cross of light on the table. This will help draw out the demonic entity while also offering us protection." He then performs an exorcism, commanding the entity to face them. After intense prayer and the triggering of their ghost-hunting gadgets, Ian senses the demon's presence. He orders, "I command you to go back where you came. You're not welcome here," eventually indicating the demon has left with a final "Gone. Amen."

Barri concludes what has turned out to be one of their most daunting paranormal encounters by acknowledging the challenges they faced. "This was a very challenging case."

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