Best Pieces Of Evidence For The Existence Of Mermaids and Mermaid Sightings

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If you want to find out if mermaids are real, and you're looking for proof, you've come to the right place. There have been reports of mermaids for centuries, the tales are rooted in the folklore of many cultures worldwide. Mermaids are said to live beneath the ocean and are half human but with the tail of a fish. Even to this day people claim they have seen merfolk, especially in Israel and Zimbabwe, which seem to be mermaid hotspots. Below is the best photos, videos and evidence that prove that mermaids really exist.

8. 2017 Real Mermaid Found in India

In December 2017 a video was posted online which showed what was claimed to be a mermaid. Most seemed to think the creature was discovered washed up in India, but the stories varied, others said the body was found in London and Dubai.

7. 2017 Mermaid Dragged From Minnesota Lake

A video posted online seems to show exciting evidence of the existence of mermaid. The video is said to have been shot in Minnesota, the exact location and the lake which features in the clip is currently unknown.

In the video a man calling himself Macky says that a big military vehicles came in to the lakeside park and closed it off. Although attempts were made to clear the public from the park, Macky managed to stay behind and filmed the incident.

The four minute long cell phone clip shows two men in protective yellow hazmat suits dragging what appears to be a mermaid out of the lake. At first only a fish-like green tail is seen floating in the water, the rest of its body becomes visible after being dragged out of the lake and carried away.

6. 2016 Mermaid Washed Up On British Beach


In October 2016 photos and video were posted on Facebook online of a gruesome looking mermaid led on a beach in Great Yarmouth in the UK, where it was supposedly washed up by the harsh North Sea.

Paul Jones's photos appear to show the decomposing corps of human-like mermaid complete with a tail fin. The video has notched up over a million views, many who have shared the video seem convinced that this is the genuine remains of merfolk, but not everyone is convinced.

Sadly, it seems that this particular mermaid's origin is rooted on land. Paul Jones, who posted the photos is actually a pretty skilled model maker, who's known for making some creepy creations and it seems that mermaids are the theme for Halloween 2016.

5. 2014 Kaneohe Marine Biology Institute

Real Mermaid

The body of a mermaid was discovered in 2014 and taken to the University of Hawaii's Kaneohe Marine Biology Institute. There’s been no official statement about the body from Hawaiian authorities, despite the fact that they were quick to rush to the scene and remove the body for examination.

Others claim this body is nothing more than a prop used in a 'Pirates of The Caribbean' movie.

4. 2009 Real Mermaid Sighting In Israel

In 2009 rumours of several mermaid sightings were reported in Kiryat Yam, Israel. Locals claim they saw a woman with the tail of a fish and a human upper body. The mermaid dove into the water and vanished.

A CNN news report from the time examined the mermaid craze in detail and claim that the mermaid only comes out at sunset and that she's "a little camera shy."

3. 2017 Mermaid On Land In Fresno, California

Mermaid Found By Police

In April 2017 police in the Californian city of Fresno picked up a woman who was spotted half-naked and with wet hair, walking along a street near a lake in the city at 3am.

When officers arrived on scene the woman told them that she was a mermaid and had come from the lake. At first the officers were skeptical but after taking her to a nearby medical centre, they discovered that she has webbed toes on both feet and was unable to answer any questions about her identity.

The self-declared mermaid has been listed as a missing person and the police are hoping a member of the public might help to confirm her identity.

2. 2016 Greenland Sea

Mermaid In Greenland

Dr. Torsten Schmidt was leading an deep-sea exploration mission to locate sites of oil and natural gas reserves, while at around 1,000m below the ocean surface, he saw what he believed to be a mermaid.

In an interview with Jon Frankel for Animal Planet's documentary, 'Mermaids: The New Evidence,' Dr. Schmidt said, "we were reminded of our confidentiality agreements. And we were told we could not share our recording with anyone else."

To get around this, Schmidt embarked on his own research mission to try to capture evidence of his sighting, he eventually shot this video on two separate cameras.

1. 2013 Mermaid On A Rock In Israel

We've already heard about the many reports of mermaid sightings on the coast of Kiryat Yam and there have been so many that the government has offered a $1 million reward for irrefutable proof of the existence of mermaids.

The most compelling piece of evidence to date was a video shot by two tourists in 2013. The pair thought they had spotted a seal on a rock just off the coast, but as the camera zoomed in on the subject, it became clear it wasn't a seal.

Despite the evidence looking real, the prize money has not yet been handed out as many people think the video was a fake and nothing more than CGI.

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