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Yvette Fielding At Croxteth Hall

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Series 22 of the long-running ghost hunting show hosted by Yvette Fielding is set to return to the Really channel in autumn 2018, leading up to Halloween.

The show's executive produce, Karl Beattie has already confirmed on social media that the next series has been shot, edit and is ready to air on UKTV's Really laster this year, although there's not yet an exact date for the show's return.

During a live Q&A session on Most Haunted's Facebook page, Karl speculated about when fans could expect the show to return to our screens. He said, "I would have thought it would be around the Halloween time, maybe they [the channel] will build up to Halloween and finish it off on Halloween night."

This has left fans wondering whether we could see a return of a live Halloween special. The last live show was in 2015 when the team investigated the violent poltergeist that resides at 30 East Drive in Pontefract.

Since then Halloween special have been "as-live" shows, two-hour long pre-recorded investigation that are produced in the same style as one of the live shows. In 2017 the Halloween special was recorded at Liverpool's Croxteth Hall, a grade II listed country estate which dates back to 1575 and in 2016 the team spent a night behind bars at the abandoned HMP Shrewsbury.

So, will the new series bring us a pre-recorded special or a fully live show? Well, all we know is that Yvette and Karl would love to do a live show. Yvette recently confessed that she is frustrated that they can't take the show out as a live broadcast, she said, "if the truth be told, it pisses me off because we should be doing them live."

Karl added, "nobody wants a 'live' more than us, we all want it exactly the same," and added "we are doing our absolute best and we are hoping to bring you something one day."
"The series we've just delivered, in my opinion, is the best series we've ever done."
Karl Beattie
The new series will included the 250th episode of the show, which is now in its 16th year. But what can we expect from series 22?

We know that the show will include the same lineup as the previous series. Alongside Yvette and Karl will be skeptic Glen Hunt, demonologist Fred Batt, long-time team member Stuart Torevell, as well as camera man Gregg Smith and sound man Darren Hutchinson. Of course, there's also the chance we'll see Yvette's ghost hunting pooch, Watson from time to time in the series.

Karl has promised that the ten new episodes will be some of the best yet. He said, "I think the last series we did was the best series we've ever done, but I think the series we've just delivered, in my opinion, is the best series we've ever done."

He has also teased that there's one episode in the new series where they've captured "the best evidence we've ever got." Karl added, "something happened and we checked it out and it could only have been paranormal." Whatever this event was has caused Glen to question his skeptical stance on the paranormal, he described the moment as "very enthralling, it's breathtaking."
At this time, not much is known about the locations that will feature in the new series, other than the fact that an episode has been filmed at HMP Shepton Mallet, which is said to be the most haunted prison in the UK.

Other locations which might feature in series 22 but have not yet been confirmed include:
Kelham Hall, Newark
HMP Gloucester, Gloucester
Old Hall, Baildon
Ruthin Castle, Denbighshire
Burton Constable Hall, Hull
York Castle Museum, York
Peterhead Prison, Aberdeenshire
Old Forde House, Newton Abbot
The Old Hall, Barnstaple
Ford Green Hall, Stoke
Leeds Town Hall, Leeds
Guy's Cliffe House, Warwick
Ragged School, London
Groundlings Theatre, Portsmouth
Shaw House, Berkshire
Hodroyd Hall, Barnsley
Most Haunted Doll On Fire

The new series has a lot to live up to as the previous series, which aired at the beginning of 2018 was one of the best yet.

The show once again made headline around the world when they captured video footage which appeared to show a cursed doll spontaneously burst into flames. The paranormal event occurred during an "as-live" special at the creepy Codnor Castle Cottage in Derbyshire.

After the show the doll was analysed by Gary Williams, a retired fire fighter from the Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service. He said, "after examining the doll, I found no ignition source, or any accelerant used." He described the cause of the fire as "unknown."

The series also saw the team investigate Dudley Castle, which was recently named the most haunted castle in the UK. They also held vigils at the truly terrifying Birmingham Steelhouse Lane Lock-Up, a former prison, built in 1892 that has housed some of the most infamous convicts in British criminal history, including members of the Peaky Blinders gang, and the mass murderer Fred West.

They also investigated the eerie Beaumanor Hall, a huge Victorian country house in Leicestershire, which Yvette has recently described as one of the most terrifying locations she's visited. The manor is so big that this investigation had been split in two parts. In the first half of the investigation, Karl achieved some interesting results using some electronic ghost hunting gadgets. He was upstairs alone where he laid three K-II EMF meters out on the floor, the idea being that if a spirit walked along the corridor it would trigger the devices in sequence.

Karl's experiment seemed to work. As he watched the devices on the floor the furthest away started to flash first, followed by the middle one and then the one closest to him. After this the devices seemed very responsive to Karl has he called out, "if you're here make the lights flash" ...and they did. Karl then asked for the spirits to flash the lights twice and again they seemed to oblige. He followed this up with a request for them to flash the lights three times, again the experiment worked.

In the second part of the investigation at Beaumanor Hall, the team investigated the building's cellars. This part of the building was at one time put to use as a top secret military intelligence listening station. So, Glen decided to conduct another unique experiment in this part of the building. Yvette and Karl joined Glen for this experiment, which saw the team try to make contact with the spirits of the hall using morse code.

The session started as normal with the team stood around a small table, with their fingers placed on the surface. Then Yvette called out, "if you were here during the war, please come and tap out using morse code." Glen had brought along a mobile phone app which translates morse code into letters, the idea was if the team heard knocks they could copy them by tapping on the screen in the hope that this might allow the spirits to spell something out.

Glen then tried asking the spirit its name using a phrase in morse code, they got back the response in morse code taps, "Eric Topple," who was apparently in the building in 1943.

It's most likely that the new series will start early in September with episodes in the run-up to the Halloween special on Wednesday 31st October. Keep an eye on Most Haunted's official social media accounts for more information on the new series.

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