Most Haunted Will Return For A New Series Early In 2019

November 30, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ Most HauntedTelevisionParanormal
Most Haunted - Yvette Fielding
Hot off the heels of the autumn series, which aired on the Really channel over Halloween, it has been confirmed that the long-running ghost hunting show hosted by Yvette Fielding is set to return for a new series early in 2019.

Just days after the last series came to and end, the show's executive producer, Karl Beattie has already confirmed on social media that the next series has been shot, edited and is ready to air on UKTV's Really in February 2019. The exact date is not yet known.

We're still waiting on details of the new series, neither Really or the show's creators have shared any more information to date, but we can guess that as always the show will air as part of the channel's "Frightday" paranormal programming on Friday evenings. The series is likely to consist of ten episodes, but the locations that will feature in the new series have not yet been announced.

For fans of the show, it's great news that Yvette and the team are returning soon, because with the Halloween episodes being shown over ten consecutive nights, it felt like if you blinked you missed the series leaving fans wanting more. Despite this, Most Haunted fought off tough competition from other paranormal shows over Halloween to become the top show on the channel. Karl shared the news of the viewing figures recently on Twitter.
"The figures are in for the week prior to Halloween with new Most Haunted shows. We took the top five slots for the week and were the most watched show each day! Unprecedented."
Karl Beattie
Karl added that, "this is such an amazing achievement, thanks to you all. Your support and loyalty is unmatched."

We know that the 2019 series will include the same lineup as the previous series. Alongside Yvette and Karl will be skeptic Glen Hunt, demonologist Fred Batt, long-time team member Stuart Torevell, as well as camera man Gregg Smith and sound man Darren Hutchinson. Of course, there's also the chance we'll see Yvette's ghost hunting pooch, Watson from time to time in the series.

2019 Series Locations

HMP Shepton Mallet Prison

The locations that will feature in the new series have not yet been announced, but fans are already speculating over which properties the team might tackle. As well as a possible return visit to Chatham Docks, the list includes...

Burton Constable, Hull
Chatham Docks, Kent
Cogges Manor Farm, Oxfordshire
Doncaster Air Museum
Fort Amherst, Kent
Gressenhall Workhouse, Norfolk
Groundlings Theatre, Portsmouth
Guys Cliffe House, Warwick
Hereford Town Hall, Herefordshire
HMP Gloucester, Gloucestershire
HMP Shepton Mallet, Somerset
Hodroyd Hall, Barnsley
Kelham Hall, Nottinghamshire
Leeds Town Hall, Yorkshire
Mains Castle, Dundee
Nunnington Hall, York
Old Forde House, Newton Abbot
Peterhead Prison, Aberdeenshire
Ryecroft Hall, Manchester
The Shire Hall, Hereford
Towneley Hall, Burnley

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The new series has a lot to live up to as the previous one, which aired in October 2018, was promoted heavily as part of Really's '13 Nights Of Frights' programming in the lead up to Halloween.

Over the ten nights that new episodes of Most Haunted were shown, the show held off competition from other paranormal shows and became the most viewed show on the channel and also held seven of the top ten slots.

The series started with an "As-Live" special at Ashwell Prison in Rutland. The two-hour long episode was produced in the same style as one of the live shows, meaning it was unedited and uncut. Although there were ten episodes in this series, the team only visited five locations and their investigations were spread across multiple episodes. These locations were the Bate Hall in Macclesfield, Ruthin Castle, and the Ancient High House in Stafford.

To end the series, Yvette and the team headed to Stoke to investigate the Leopard Inn, it made up a mammoth three-part investigation, but before the investigation even got underway, the team witnessed paranormal activity while getting shots of the building. While Karl and Stuart discussed a shot, six doors along a corridor slammed in succession. The footage has been described as some of the show's best evidence to date.

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