Paul Chuckle Communicates With His Late Brother Barry During An Episode Of 'Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted' Filmed At His Home

January 25, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalTelevision
Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted: Paul Chuckle

In the new series of 'Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted', national treasure Paul Chuckle makes contact with his late brother, 'ChuckleVision' sidekick, Barry. The emotional moment occurs in the third episode of the series, which sees the show's paranormal investigation team head to Nottinghamshire for a ghostly stake at the actor's home.

In the episode, Paul tells us that he has been aware of his brother's presence around him ever since he passed away in 2018. Paul said, "I find he's still with me now, so I definitely believe in spirits." Despite this spiritual connection, Barry isn't the reason that Paul called the ghost hunting show to his property.

Since moving into the 17th-century barn conversion 18 months ago, Paul and his wife have been plagued by strange creeks and noises and the odd phenomenon of a dirty child's handprint on the bathroom wall. Since then, they've heard child voices laughing, and Paul even awoke one night to find a child at the foot of the bed.

The 'Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted' team arrives at the property to assist Paul, armed with an array of ghost hunting gadgets. They begin by taking Paul to the downstairs loo, the room where the mysterious handprint appeared. Investigator Barri Ghai was armed with a spirit box, a device that rapidly cycles through radio frequencies in the hope that spirits might manipulate the fleeting bursts of static and radio chatter to communicate.

The pair are initially on the hunt for an aggressive spirit named Charlie, whom the team believes lurks in the house. As the spirit box cackled away, Paul confidently called out to any spirit that might be present, asking, "Are you a good person?" Paul and Barri listened intently but didn't hear a response to the question.

Barri then suggests a change of tack, and instructs Paul to attempt to make contact with his brother, Barry Chuckle, instead. Paul did this by calling out, "Barry, are you here today?" But once again, the spirit box failed to do anything but cackle. The children's entertainer followed this up with the famous Chuckle Brothers' catchphrase, "To me, Barry. To me. To you, then." But still, the device failed to yield a response.

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Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted: Paul Chuckle
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Although the session had been uneventful, the next day, after reviewing their recordings, the team played the session back to Paul to let him in on something they'd uncovered.

In the recording, we hear the moment where Paul asks, "Were you a good person?" This was followed in the recording by a crackling sound that stood out from the radio noise. Astonished, Paul said, "That's saying, 'to you, Paul'." This seemed to be an indication that Paul's brother and comedy sidekick was communicating by completing their catchphrase. Paul described the moment as "nice" and "comforting." He added, "I've always known that he's here with me."

Moments after this evidence was played to Paul, one of the camera crew's lights suddenly failed. On inspection, it seemed the light had simply been turned off, despite having plenty of battery power remaining. Paul thinks this mischievous act was another sign that his brother was with them.

Speaking the year after his older brother died following a battle with bone cancer, Paul said he found comfort in his dreams, where he is reunited with Barry. Paul said, "There is an afterlife, I always thought so. Barry never thought there was an afterlife. He thought, when the time comes, that's it, you're gone. Having said that, from the day he died, he was always in my dreams."

The comedian said he almost never dreamt about Barry before his passing, but now he's always beside him, no matter where Paul goes in the strange and abstract world of dreams. He said, "You know how in dreams you are walking around, and you bump into people. Wherever I'm going, he'd always be beside me. And I think that's his way of coming back to tell me I was right, there is an afterlife."

The pair had worked together for six decades in shows such as 'The ChuckleHounds' and eventually the long-running 'Chucklevision'. They were well known for their public appearances, and Paul has continued performing after Barry's death, having previously vowed to carry on as he knew his brother would want him to.

As part of the show, the paranormal team spent the night investigating Paul's home. During their nightlong vigil, they uncovered the presence of a violent criminal, the spirit of a woman, and the spirit of a young boy.

In the new series of 'Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted' the team also investigate the homes of former servant to the royal household Paul Burrell, opera singer Russell Watson, reality TV star Chloe Ferry, 'Brookside' actress Tina Malone, and fashion model Jodie Kidd.

You can see the team's full investigation and learn the whole story of Paul Chuckle's house in the third episode of the new series of 'Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted', which begins on Discovery+ today.

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