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Yvette Fielding - Most Haunted, Eden Camp

Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team kick off a new series of the long-running British ghost hunting show with a two-hour long, as-live investigation of the Eden Camp. The episode is produced in the same style as one of the live shows, meaning it was unedited and uncut. The special will be followed by a second episode shot at the location, which will air next week.

Yvette welcomed us to the episode and is clearly very excited about the North Yorkshire location, not just because of its alleged ghostly inhabitants, but also because of its fascinating World War II history. Yvette then introduces us to the team, which is made up of Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell on camera, sound man Darren Hutchinson and the show's resident skeptic Glen Hunt.

The team are also joined by a new member, who Yvette says is "representing our younger teenaged fanbase". Mary Beattie will be familiar to some fans of the show as the daughter of Yvette and Karl.

The whole team were gather to start the episode in the old NAAFI canteen, which the show were using as their base room during the investigation. Lou Jones and Jenny Bryant will be based here throughout the night monitoring four cameras across the site, as well as being on hand for the team in their moments of need.

Glen was also looking forward to the night of paranormal investigation. He said, "well of course it's a museum, which very much looks the part as well, it's been re-purposed over the years. So it would be great to get some kind of activity where we see manifestations of old soldiers perhaps but what I'm most interested in is the experiments we set up before we started filming."

The experiments consisted of trigger objects with locked off cameras trained on them. They had two such experiments running throughout the investigation. One was a baseball and the other was two wartime bullets. The objects had been placed on a piece of paper and drawn around, flour was scatted around the objects which would enable them to rule out any movement due to the wind. There was also an audio recorder placed next to the ball in the hopes that it would capture spirit voices in the recording, known as EVPs.

Loyal viewers will have seen the World War II bullets before, they were actually thrown at Yvette during a 2010 'Most Haunted Live!' investigation at RAF West Raynham in Norfolk. Yvette explained, "we kept them at home all this time and brought them here especially for this evening."

We're then shown a clip of something which happened earlier in the day while the team were setting up. They heard what Yvette described as strange audibles coming through on the static cameras which had been placed in the music hall. People have previously reported hearing the sound of conversation coming from this room, but upon entering found it to be empty. Although the team didn't hear a full-blown conversation they did hear a strange creaking sound, which Glen pointed out sounded like an oscillating wave. Although Yvette said the sound "definitely sounds like talking".

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Is Eden Camp Haunted?

Eden Camp, Malton

The Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum is located on the former camp, which consists of 33 huts, part of a prison camp that was constructed in 1942 to house Italian prisoners. From 1944 the Italian prisoners were moved on and made way for the increasing numbers of captured and surrendering Germans who were held at the camp over the next four years.

After the last of the German prisoners were sent back to their defeated homeland, Eden Camp was used as an agricultural holiday camp and by the 1950s was being used as a storage facility, before becoming abandoned. In the mid-80s local business man, Stan Johnson, bought the derelict and overgrown site and went about turning it into a modern history theme museum, charting every aspect of WWII with each hut having a different theme from the rise of Hitler and the Germany Nazi party to its eventual destruction.

The museum stands as a monument to an emotive past and with so many people visiting, it wasn't long before tales of strange occurrences were being witnessed. Dark shadows slowly moving from hut to hut, disembodied voices in the dead of night and objects moving on their own accord have all been reported.

Lights Out

Most Haunted, Eden Camp

With the lights out, the investigation got underway as the team entered the first of the huts, hut 24. Straight away Glen reported feeling claustrophobic, perhaps this was because of the winding route they were being forced to take through the exhibit showing what life was like between 1919 and 1940, the road to war. Karl said he felt like he was being watched.

They all suddenly froze in their tracks when they heard a dragging sound that appeared to be coming from beneath them, this was followed by some really loud repeating knocks. Yvette then called out to the spirits of the camp, "how many of you are here following us please?" There were five knocks in reply, but it's hard to class this as an intelligent response as they were already hearing the knocks before Yvette asked out.

Karl then heard an odd shuffling sound and then more loud constant knocks could be heard. Karl thought it sounded like footsteps walking up the ramp they were stood on by this point.

Using knocking as a method of spirit communication, Yvette deduced that there were 13 ghosts of people who died here, which she said was odd as there was only one recorded death at the camp.

Karl then heard more footsteps, this time he described them as heavy and clear and followed them outside but found no one there.

The team then moved on to Hut 13, which is dedicated to the conflicts British and Commonwealth forces have been involved in since the end of WWII. Here Yvette started calling out to the spirits and whistling, asking the spirits to copy her. Glen tried, mimicking the boatswain's call, but this hut proved to be much quieter than the previous.

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The Blitz

Yvette Fielding & Mary Beattie - Most Haunted, Eden Camp

After this the team split up. Yvette, Karl and Mary went to Hut 5, which includes exhibits relating to the Blitz. This was also where Glen had set his trigger object experiment with the WWII bullets, so they first checked in to see if anything had moved. Sadly it hadn't.

Further in the hut, Yvette started calling out, "hello, is there anybody here who can talk to us please?" Seconds after she said this a wire fence around an exhibit suddenly moved making a noise, which scared the camp's cat as well as the team. From this moment on the car start whining, to the point where Karl said, "it's like it wants you to follow it... unless I've been watching too many Lassie movies."

Later in the vigil, Yvette saw a shadow move at the end of the hut, but sadly it wasn't visible on camera due to the limited range of the infrared night vision mode.

The Street At War

Most Haunted, Eden Camp

Meanwhile, Stuart, Darren and Glen were in an exhibit called "The Street at War", which consists of a mock-up wartime street, all houses within Hut 7. Almost straight away Darren heard what sounded light something scraping on the glass shopfront behind him, but upon investigation they were distracted by Stuart's K-II EMF meter which started flashing when placed near the shopfront.

Glen tried to use this activity as a method of communication and called out, "if there's a spirit here effecting these lights, can you push them into the red on both devices now?" As soon as he said this, the lights on both Stuart's and Glen's EMF meters shot up to their highest level, red. This happened three more times on command.

As the devices were flashing before Glen asked them to, this could be nothing more than a coincidence, but what made this piece of evidence much more interesting is that the EMF meters appeared to stop flashing after Glen had stopped asking them too.

Speaking about the incident, Glen said "just to be sure in my hear what was going on there, that seemed to be responding to my questions". Stuart replied, "I think there was something or someone, some form of energy that we can't see, a spirit maybe".

Yvette then radioed through to tell the team to go back to the base room, where Jenny and Lou were picking up on a strange atmosphere and said they had heard the sound of breathing and keys rattling near the bar area, which according to the staff is one of the location's paranormal hotspots.

The team didn't hang around for long before heading out into the camp again, this time having been put in to pairs by Yvette.

The Music Hall

Most Haunted, Eden Camp

It seemed to take forever for Yvette and Glen to find their way to Hut 6, with Glen admitting along the way that he has no sense of direction. Hut 6 houses the the camp's music hall and also another of Glen's trigger object experiments and his EVP recorder.

The pair first inspected the baseball, but found that it hadn't moved. So, Glen took to his laptop to see if any EVPs had been captured. Yvette said, "this bit I get so excited about, because I love hearing if we have any EVPs". There were no voices in the recording, but there were several very loud unexplained bangs. The first sounded like something falling, the second sounded like something slamming into the floor.

After a bit of investigation and an attempt to recreate the sounds, the pair eventually deduced the voices were most likely the result of the hut's doors slamming.

Yvette later said, "I'm please we've got something, I always want more. So, I'm frustrated. This place is so, like, full of energy, isn't it?" Glen agreed, "it's quiet but it's full of life at the same time".

Hut 1

Most Haunted, Eden Camp

Darren was paired up with newcomer, Mary, which prompted Darren to say "at least I'm not with Fred, this is my replacement for Fred." Of course referring to the show's resident Demonologist, Fred Batt, who's not part of this investigation, but does feature in the rest of this series. Mary chipped in, "more attractive I would say". To which Darren agrees, "massively and massively less annoying." He joked to the camera, "if Mary starts to call up Beelzebub I will probably throttle her".

The pair were in Hut 1, which charts the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party. Mary confessed to feeling a little uneasy. She said, "I think when you walk into a place you can feel an atmosphere and this place feels quite heavy," but it didn't take long for her to settle in and it was nice to hear Mary calling out for the first time. "Right, come on then, stop hiding in the shadows and do something," she said. "If you want to communicate, copy this" and she knocked on the floor she was sat on. They didn't hear a knock in response, but seconds later Darren jumped up after seeing a black shape moving. It was reflected in the glass front of an exhibition which held memorabilia in it.

Later in their vigil they heard footsteps and scraping sounds. They felt as if these sounds were trying to split them up, as they both heard different sounds coming from different directions.

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Prefabricated House

Most Haunted, Eden Camp

Karl and Stuart went alone to a prefabricated house. Stuart described the old-style wartime house as like being at your grandparents' house, while Karl likened it more so to living in the modern-day North of England.

With the regional banter out the way, the dup got down to the business of ghost hunting and Karl called out, "are there any spirits here that want to communicate with us?" Straight away heard what sounded like crockery tinkling. Moving into the kitchen, Karl called out "can you do it again" and a loud cutlery-like sound was heard nearby. It sounded like a spoon falling or moving on a plate, but despite a search of the items on the table, they couldn't find a cause for the sound in the dark.

A few minutes later in the living room Stuart called out, "if there's anybody with us now, there's a radio and a clock." Karl, who was manning the camera, kept both the clock and the radio in shot. Stuart continued, "can you please turn the radio on, can we have some wartime music?"
Most Haunted, Eden Camp

No music played, so Stuart said, "move something in this living room so we know you're here, we know you're capable of doing it" and as soon as he said that a bike that could be seen in the hallway through the door moved. It was clear to see that the luggage rack over the back wheel lifted up, then the whole bike was pulled backwards before landing on its side on the floor. The fact the rack is seen lifting indicates that the bike didn't just fall over, it was dragged. Stuart reported feeling a noticeable and sudden drop in temperature after the incident.

Karl radioed through to Yvette to tell her what happened, she said "just be careful please, don't call out for anything nasty or anything to hurt you. Remember what I said, just please be very very careful." Karl replied, "OK, will do," but in his next breath while putting his radio away, called out "right, come on, throw something at us now, if you can move this [bike] you can throw something at us". Seconds later suggesting, "there are knives in the kitchen".

Nothing was thrown, but the sound of crockery rattling resumed and while they were in the kitchen investigating there was three loud knocks, which sounded like someone knocking on the kitchen door. After looking outside and finding no one was there, they went back inside and it happened again. This time five bangs, that were unmistakably knocks on the door. Again, they checked outside but there was no one to be seen.

This happened one more time and Karl actually opened the door as whatever was causing the sound was mid-knock. Walking back indoors after another search outdoors, Stuart said "it's going off right now, there's stuff going on in this house now, it can see us, it can hear us".

The pair then placed an EMF meter on the sofa in the living room and started asking questions. With each question asked the K-II meter shot up to red, seemingly in response. Stuart said, "incredible, it can hear us," then seconds later there was a bang in the room they were in, the first of several, which included one of the doors slamming shut.

With so many noises around them, they checked all of the exterior doors into the house to make sure no one could be getting in without them knowing. As they were checking the house the bike once again fell, this time hitting Stuart on the leg as it did. Karl later descried his time in the prefabricated house as one of his best vigils ever.

The NAAFI Canteen

Most Haunted, Eden Camp

The team later re-grouped with Jenny and Lou in the base room where they had been experiencing all sorts of activity themselves.

It started when all of a sudden the door to the room opened on its own. The squeaking sound of it opening could clearly be heard on camera. Upon seeing this, Jenny jumped up, Jenny accidentally grabbing Lou's boob as she did. Jenny went to investigate and found no one on the other side of the door.

Lou then explained for the benefit of viewers who can't see what they are seeing, "there's two double doors to our right," these doors lead through to the canteen that they could see on camera one, "now if somebody was there, we would have seen them".

Minutes later the door opened again, this time to screams of terror from the girls. They both jumped out of their skin, and again Jenny went for the boobs, before apologising to Lou, "sorry, I've just grabbed your boob really hard".

Lou then spun the camera around so that the door in question was in shot and no sooner had she done this was the same thing happening again. The door quickly and suddenly flung open and this time it was caught on camera.
Most Haunted, Eden Camp

The episode was one of the best and most active in a long time, made all the more interesting as it was filmed in such a vast and interesting looking location with more than 30 different buildings for the team to investigate.

The gripping episode had thousands of viewers taking to Twitter to tweet-along with the show, which resulted in #MostHaunted trending at No. 4 in the UK.

Although the episode has come to an end, the investigation hasn't. The episode ended with Yvette splitting the team up again and sending them out into various parts of the camp, while she headed to the cafeteria alone. The second part of the team's time at Eden Camp will feature in next week's episode.
The new series of Most Haunted continues on Really. Watch on Freeview (17), Sky (155) and Virgin Media (129), or watch previous episodes of Most Haunted on demand on the UKTV Player.

For reviews of all of the new episodes, plus highlights and evidence from the shows, and to find out when Most Haunted is on next, visit the Most Haunted episode guide.

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