Most Haunted At Eden Camp, Part Two - Series 24, Episode 2 Review

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Eden Camp, Malton

The second part of Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team's investigation of Eden Camp, which was once a prisoner of war camp and is now a museum. The camp consists of 33 huts, part of the original prison camp. By the 1950s, the camp was being used for storage, before being abandoned. The derelict and overgrown site was renovated and converted to a museum in the mid-80s.

There's not much known about the type of paranormal activity that the team are likely to encounter at the museum, other than a few reports of dark shadows seen moving between the huts in the grounds. Others have witnessed doors opening on their own and voices have been heard echoing around empty rooms.

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The Story So Far

Most Haunted, Eden Camp

In the first part of the investigation, the team experienced more activity than they have at any location in a long while. Karl Beattie went as far as to say that his vigil with Stuart Torevell in a prefab house on the camp was one of his best ever. During their time in the house they witnessed a bike being dragged a long a hallway and someone or something repeatedly knocked on the kitchen door.

Two members of the show's production team, Lou Jones and Jenny Bryant, were left in the base room during the investigation. They witnessed the door to the room open on its own three times and even managed to catch the occurrence on camera.

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The Drama Continues...

Most Haunted, Eden Camp

The episode picked up where the previous one left off, with Yvette splitting up the team and sending them out into the camp on lone vigils. Yvette had opted to go to the old NAAFI canteen herself, armed with a laptop in the hopes of capturing some EVPs.

In this part of the camp chairs are said to move around on their own and dark shadows have been seen. She started by calling out, "can you move a chair please?" She asked the spirits to show themselves any way they could. Yvette also tried rolling a couple of marbles across the floor and encouraged the spirits to roll them back if they could.

Towards the end of her vigil she started hearing loud bangs behind her and at the opposite end of the building. Unfortunately her marbles were never returned.

Meanwhile, the show's skeptic, Glen Hunt, was once again lost in the dark. Something he also managed to achieve in the previous episode. "I think I've taken a wrong turning," said Glen, who previously confessed he has no sense of direction. It seems that by the time he got to where he was going, there wasn't really time for anything to happen. Darren also had a quiet time alone in Hut 10, which is home to an exhibition about prisoners of war.

The Blitz

Most Haunted, Eden Camp

The show's newest team member, Mary Beattie was also holding a lone vigil. She was in Hut 5, which houses exhibits relating to the Blitz. Speaking to camera she said, "first time being on a lone vigil and it's safe to say, I'm fairly terrified," but that didn't stop her from calling out. "I'm calling out to any spirits who might be here, can you please make a noise."

After a few minutes she got freaked out by a sound coming from a smoke machine, although not paranormal, creepy when you're alone in the dark. Later she heard strange creaking sounds and followed the noises outside and started shouting at the spirits of the camp in the hopes of getting a reaction, "come on, I'm not scared of you!" Although her hands were shaking as she held the camera.

Back in the hut, she started hearing sounds from all around her, subtle signs of movement. Then after a while she heard a loud squeak like a door opening, although it wasn't clear what caused the sound. When it happened for a second time Mary confirmed the sound was that of the hut's door, she did wonder if it might have been caused by the wind.
Most Haunted, Eden Camp

Stuart also had lots of activity in the form of unexplained bangs on his lone vigil. Even before Stuart walked into Hut 26, he heard a loud bang coming from inside. Once inside more strange knocking sounds could be heard coming from amongst the exhibits relating to the many battles and conflicts taking place in 1941. He heard plenty of bangs in this hut and even heard whistling in response to his later in the vigil.

Prefabricated House

Most Haunted, Eden Camp

Karl was back in the wartime prefabricated house, a location which had proved very active in the first part of the investigation. This time, he's alone. Before entering he said, "it's frightening in there, it's eerie, and I'm not quite sure why I'm going in there on my own."

Once inside the house he heard several knocks and bangs and found an old suitcase in the hallway that wasn't there earlier in the night, despite the fact no one has been in the house since. Later in his vigil he felt something fly above his head, whether something was thrown or an object moved was unclear.

As with in the first half of the investigation, Karl then heard a door slam somewhere in the house and the sound of the crockery and cutlery in the kitchen rattling. The wall above the kitchen sink then started tapping and vibrating. Karl said, "can you copy this?" And knocked on the wall three times, an identical knock came back in response.

Karl then said he heard the return rotation of an old rotary telephone that was in the living room. It kept happening while his back was turned to the phone, but there's no reason why a phone should make this noise on its own and no rational way that it could, as it requires someone to turn the dial.

The episode ended with the team conducting a séance in the NAAFI. But, with time fast running out, Yvette wrapped things up and the investigation came to an end.
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