Most Haunted At Guy's Cliffe House, Part One - Series 24, Episode 9 Review

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Most Haunted At Guy's Cliffe House

In the final two-part investigation of the current series of Most Haunted, Yvette Fielding takes her team to Guy's Cliffe House in Warwick to investigate a house, which is surrounded by mystery, suicide, kidnap and death. A property which is now home to the Fraternal Brotherhood of Freemasons.

Being occupied since Saxon times, Guy's Cliffe House derives its name from the legendary Guy of Warwick, who because of past deeds allegedly lived out his remaining years as a hermit in a cave under the building.

A chantry was established here in 1423 as the Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene, but after Henry VIII's Dissolution of the Monasteries, the site passed into private hands. A grand house was built on the site in 1751 by Samuel Greatheed, a west Indian merchant and member of parliament for Coventry. As with many such houses it was used as a hospital during World War One and became a school for evacuated children in World War Two.

After the estate was broken up and sold in 1947, it had many different uses before falling into disrepair. In 1955 the house was purchased by Aldwyn Porter and the chapel, which survives behind the derelict house, leased to the Freemasons, who still use the building for their meetings today.

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Is Guy's Cliffe House Haunted?

Most Haunted At Guy's Cliffe House

Throughout the property dark shadows are seen moving, whining voices are heard and poltergeist activity is common. A white figure is often seen walking the grounds in a state of distress, she's believed to be the ghost of Guy's wife Lady Felice, who killed herself in a dramatic fashion. It said she jumped from the top of the building and died on the ground in front of the cave below the house where Guy lived the last few years of his life as a hermit.

During Yvette initial walk around with the show resident skeptic, Glen Hunt, they discussed the legends that surrounds the building including the modern day mystery of the two Freemasons' temple in the building.

In the main Masonic temple, people have reported hearing furniture being dragged above and below them. Could this be the spirit of Sir Guy, whose stone statue watches over this room to this day? Glen questions how the sounds can be coming from below, but Yvette tells him that there is a basement level below them. Perhaps Glen will be brave enough to investigate this area later in the show.

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The Masonic Temple

Most Haunted At Guy's Cliffe House

With the lights out, the team started their investigation in three groups. Yvette went to ground floor Masonic temple with Glen and sound man Darren Hutchinson. The Masonic temple is built within the old chapel, so has plenty of history. Straight away Glen heard shuffling from the other side of the pitch black temple. While stood around one of the tables they started to hear tapping and rumbling sounds.

Later they heard the sound of movement, which they discovered was an object that was hanging on the wall moving. It was too high for any of the team to have accidentally brushed against.

The taps and knocks continued and the team could feel the floor vibrating beneath their feet. Yvette then thought she saw a fleeting glimpse of a dark shadow over Darren's shoulder, leading Darren to declare, "we're not alone in here." A few minutes later they heard what sounded like a breath.

The Wine Cellar

Most Haunted At Guy's Cliffe House

Demonologist Fred Batt, Stuart Torevell and camera man Gregg Smith went to the wine cellar, an area opposite the main chapel. They soon heard the sound of a brick being thrown into the long tunnel which leads into the wine store. After a quick investigation, the team couldn't workout where the brick had come from.

A few minutes later another stone had been thrown in the entrance way to the tunnel, which gives access to the wine cellar from the courtyard. The same thing happened again later when a large piece of masonry was thrown into the tunnel, while all the team are looking along the tunnel.

The Stables

Most Haunted At Guy's Cliffe House

Karl Beattie crossed the courtyard to venture into the stables alone, where straight away he heard several loud bangs around him. This was followed by light knocking sounds, which seemed to respond to Karl's knocks on a wooden box. He then tried whistling and encouraged any spirits present to reply, straight after he did hear a faint whistle in response.

The next thing that gave Karl a fright was the loud bang of the external door of the stables, which opens out into the courtyard. Karl checked around the courtyard but concluded that it couldn't have been a person as he'd have heard them running away.

Once back inside the stables he again heard rumbling and banging sounds coming from amongst the items being stored in the room. Karl described the sounds as "proper noises, it's not little noises, it's proper big noises." He added, "I don't feel very safe in here to be honest," and at that point ended his vigil and headed back into the chapel to find the others.

Back In The Wine Cellar

Most Haunted At Guy's Cliffe House

Fred and Gregg returned to the wine store with Yvette and Darren, where they were hoping the activity would continue. Although no more bricks or stones were thrown, Gregg did report feeling like something touched his head twice during the vigil.

Now much quieter than it was during the first vigil in this area, Yvette tried to stir things up by calling out, "throw something, do something, anything at all. Let us know that you're here, we don't mean you any harm." Perhaps it worked, as towards the end of their vigil they started hearing deep thuds coming from the walls around them.

The Basement

Most Haunted At Guy's Cliffe House

The team re-grouped and pushed on with their investigation in different teams. Karl and Stuart ventured down into the cellar beneath the chapel. The cellar was an empty space which at first glance seemed uninteresting, but Karl immediately reported feeling dizzy, which could be a sign that more than meets the eye was going on there.

While stood at one end of the room, they heard a sound coming from the far end. It wasn't clear what this sound was. Karl called out asking the spirits to copy him before whistling, a clear whistle was heard in response to his request. They repeated the experiment and had the same response.

Just as they were thinking of leaving, Karl called out "right, if you're here, do something." There was a crash and the episode ended on that tantalising cliff-hanger. The team's investigation will conclude in next week's episode of Most Haunted.
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