DEBUNKED: "Noah" The Time Traveller From The Year 2030

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This article is more than six years old and was last updated in March 2020.

Is Noah a time traveller from the year 2030 or is he just another internet fake? According to Apex TV, the channel that posted the video, Noah has passed a lie detector test.

Noah Time Traveller From 2028
In a tale which is reminiscent of the classic John Titor story from 2001, a man has once again posted a claim on the internet that he is a time traveller from the future, and it seems that his story may have been validated thanks for a lie detector test.

It all started towards the end of 2017, when a video was posted online which supposedly showed the testimonial of a time traveller calling himself Noah, who says he's from the year 2021.

In the video, which was uploaded to the YouTube channel Paranormal Elite, Noah says he has travelled back to November 13th, 2017. Speaking with his face blurred to hide his identity, he says, "I am not attempting to deceive anyone, my sole objective is to prove to you that time travel exists and that I, myself, am a time traveller."

Noah goes on to say that, not only does time travel exist in the time period he's travelled from, it already does today. He says, "time travel became possible in the year 2003, it is only used by top secret organisations," he adds that "the ability to time travel is not planned to be released to the public until 2028."

The video starts with a message to the viewer which explains why the time traveller has chosen to hide his identity. Apparently he's assumed the name Noah due to the threat of assassination. However, it's not made clear in the video why Noah's life is at risk, but on the verge of tears he says that he has been fired and can't get back to his time. He then goes on to try to convince us that he is genuine with some facts which he says will come true over the next few years.

The Original Video

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Let's break it down. The first video starts with some text on screen, "yesterday we recieved [sic] a phone call from a man from South American claiming to have worked for a government project in America, hes [sic] in fear of being assasinated [sic] so he wants us to call him Noah."

So, what does this opening sentence tell us? First off that whoever made the video has a pretty poor grasp of the English language, due to the three spelling and grammatical errors in the first sentence alone. 

Secondly, the uploader claims they got a phone call from "Noah." At the time of upload Paranormal Elite had less that 3.5k subscribers and still have a small, yet growing, subscriber base. So why on Earth would Noah choose to phone such a small YouTube channel? And more importantly, how did he get their phone number? They don't list their phone number on their channel, just an email address.

The next slide tells us that "Noah suffers from depression and anorexia claiming to be from his years of time travel, according to him he has lived about 50 years yet hes [sic] taken secret drugs to bring him back to you. Currently he is 25 years old."

Based on the standard of English and the way the creator of this video writes, I would be very confident in saying that the creators are in their late teens/early 20s too. Furthermore, Noah himself doesn't speak like a 50-year-old man, he speaks in a style reminiscent of present day teens, using their quirks, mannerisms, and colloquialisms. So, it's clearly not just a coincidence that Noah has the appearance of a 25-year-old, and it's nothing to do with "secret drugs." It also seems a little odd that in 2030 drugs exist that can give a man the physical appearance of someone half his age, but depression and anorexia is still an issue.

The video continues with the onscreen text, "he sent us this video of him managing to read a pre typed document he wrote, he isnt [sic] the best at talking alot [sic]." Clearly Noah's inability to talk is as bad as the video creator's ability to write, again, this forces us to the conclusion that they are one and the same.

Then Noah appears on screen with his face blurred and his voice altered. Speaking like a hesitant teen who's lacking in confidence, he says, "I want to be clear why I'm making this video. It is not my intent to deceive anybody, my sole objective is to prove to you that time travel exists in the next few year. In fact, I myself am a time traveler."

My issue here is that if Noah's "sole objective" is to prove that time travel exists, why hasn't he brought some evidence? Did he not have a mobile phone from 2030 with him when he arrived? His clothes? Car keys? Anything that might prove he's from the future. Can he not tell us anything about our immediate future? Perhaps he could have predicted who'd win the Super Bowl.

I may sound like I'm giving him a hard time, but this guy has said it is his sole objective to prove time travel exists. It's his mission to convince me and he's basically making no effort in providing solid evidence. All the onus is on him to prove it. He is making an extraordinary claim and that requires extraordinary evidence.

He goes on to say, "I have travelled back to November 13th, 2017 from early in the year 2021." Then speaking like a child again, "First of all, all of time travel will become possible in the year 2003. However, it is only used by top secret organisations. The ability to time travel is not planned to be released to the public until 2028."

He then becomes a bit emotional before saying, "sorry, just give me a minute." This emotional outburst is apparently due to the fact that he is in breach of government protocol by exposing himself as a time traveller in 2017 and he fears for his safety. Why? We don't know, but this is also the reason why his appearance has been hidden.

However, this exposes another hole in the story. The fact that this guy can be disguised with a blurry face and altered voice, just doesn't make sense. Surely if his former bosses heard he'd blown his cover and they saw the video, it wouldn't take long to work out who it was, even with the blurry face. How many dark haired, skinny, male, time travellers would they have fired in 2030 before sending them back to November 13th, 2017? It can't be more than one.

But Noah isn't actually from 2030, as he explains, "my natural year is 2021, this is the time period in which I spend most of my life. This is the time period that I belong in. But I've been fired, I can't get back to my time. I'm stuck here." 

These claims allow us to age Noah in our timeline. He's about 50 in 2021, which means he was born in about 1970, which would put him in his late 40s today. So, if this were true, somewhere in South America there must now be another version of Noah, who has more than likely seen these videos. Has he made any attempt to contact his counterpart from the future? Has future Noah returned to his former home to try and warn his past self about his grim future?

After another emotional outburst, another caption appears on screen which says "Noah is clearly having trouble coping with the stress, don't feel bad we sent him 700 dollars worth of food and water to help him get by for awhile." A generous donation from Paranormal Elite, but where these funds have come from is unclear as the channel isn't making a huge amount of money and as it's being run by one or more teen, there's no business or organisation backing it.

In fact hilariously, the uploader posted in the comments of this video saying "we're very disappointed with YouTube right now. Our team can't make money because this video has 600$ worth of advertisements (Enough money to buy a console) and is fully monetized but we've only recieved [sic] 9$." So, they have enough cash to make a $700 donation to a stranger but are having a tantrum because YouTube didn't pay them soon enough to allow them to get a new XBox in time for Christmas. Something a little suspicious about that, don't you agree?

Noah then reappears and says, "I'd like to give you specific facts about the future to prove to you that time travel exists." Bearing in mind that he's already told us that time travel has existed since 2003 and is currently being kept hidden from the public, I'd expect the facts he's about to give us to prove that time travel exists would be things like the location of the headquarters of the time travel experiment, the military head who is fronting the operation, the basic operation principles of the technology, or where the black budget funds for the project have come from. But no, Noah just gives us some trivial predictions that anyone could have made up. In fact, futurist Thomas Fry gave a more concise predictions on what 2030 will be like back in 2013.

Noah's Predictions For 2021

The Future

"Electric cars and self-driving cars will be dramatically improved. A consumer electric car will be able to drive over 600 miles on a single charge in 2021." This is already a massively growing field of technology, making this claim is no more insightful than saying "computers will be more powerful in the future." Not to mention the fact the claim isn't actually that impressive, it was reported last August that the Tesla Model S has managed to travel 670 miles with a single charge.

"Many people are spending a lot of time in virtual reality." This is again already a growing industry and something which the next generation of gaming consoles will capitalise on. Sony bosses have said this week that the PlayStation 5 is still "some way off," and given that the PlayStation 4 has already been around for four years, we can surmise that the PS5 and its XBox rival will be the consoles leading gaming and the virtual reality revolution in 2021, as it is only three years away.

"I would highly recommend investing your time and money in sustainable energy," says Noah the time traveler, and also Bloomberg, who in a recent report said that the green energy sector will see nearly $5.1 trillion worth of investment in new power plants by 2030, and that by this time renewable energy sources will account for over 60% of the 5,579 gigawatts of new generation capacity. So again, Noah isn't telling us anything we don't already know, this isn't a powerful, insightful glimpse into the future, you can read about this in the news this month.

"Artificial intelligence will also be a huge and growing market in 2021," Noah claims. There's no doubt AI is going to be big business, in fact the British government released a paper in the back end of 2017 stating how they were planning on growing the artificial intelligence industry in the UK. The paper estimated that "AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030, more than the current output of China and India combined." The fact that AI is going to be a huge market is already widely known.

He goes on to make an equally as weak prediction about wearable technology, which he says "is also becoming increasingly popular in 2021," well of course, it's growing in popularity now. Noah is only talking about three years in the future. I think as a teen it's hard for him to grasp what an amazingly short period of time three years is. Companies will already been planning product launches for 2021.

Now for the good bit, Noah says "I'm now going to tell you the winner of the 2020 presidential candidate election in America. I promise that the president of the United State after the 2020 election will be Donald J Trump." It's hard to argue this one, elections are notoriously hard to predict, who would have guessed Trump would have got a one term, let alone two?

This doesn't make Noah right, or even insightful. This is his one bit of potential evidence that he's from the future, every other bit of "proof" he has given is just built on current trends and existing knowledge. He's purposely chosen one big claim which could prove he is from the future, but in order to test his claim we have to wait over two years until the next US election. And even then, it's an obvious possibility that Trump could get reelected. Couldn't Noah have also mentioned who his opponent will be? This would add a lot of validity to his claim.

Noah's Lie Detector Test

The lie detector test was posted on a YouTube channel called Apex TV, which claims to be a partner channel of Paranormal Elite. The video is almost 20 minutes long and is frankly very boring. Noah mumbles all the way through, his answers show a real lack of intellect and understanding for the world around him in 2018, let alone 2030.

So, with that in mind, I don't recommend you waste your time watching it. But if you're interested in what was discussed in the video, here's what happened...

The video starts out with the interviewer letting us know that they have Noah hooked up to a lie detector test and they begin to ask him a series of questions. Of course starting with the obvious, "are you an actual time traveller from the year 2030?" Apparently this was true.

"Do you have any actual evidence that you are a time traveller?"
He says he has no physical evidence other than a device which is embedded in his wrist.

"Are you actually in any danger by telling us this?"
He says he is but he can easily get away from it, then why is he so concerned about his face being blurred and his identity protected?

"What do people use for currency in the future?"
Noah says cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are used a little more but physical cash is still a thing. Again, this is obvious.

"In a previous video you said that Trump is going to be reelected, is that true?"
Noah confirmed this was the case and was then asked who the president will be in his time, 2030. He says that the president will be someone called Ilana Remikee.

"What are your thoughts on the other time travellers we've been interviewing?"
Noah says some may be real, some may be fake but he doesn't want to judge.

"Can you tell us a little bit about the technology on 2030?"
The time traveller claims that cell phones have gotten bigger, but says there's no "holographic phones yet."

"Are you from 2021 or 2030?"
Noah explains that he started time travelling in 2021, so that's his natural year, but says he was living in the year 2030 before coming back to 2017.

"Are quantum computers used for time travelling?"
Noah says they are but there are other ways and he doesn't personally use that way.

"Can you tell us about the method you would actually use to time travel?"
He says he uses "a bunch of electricity" around him, or he's in a giant room underground where "electricity generates," and the technology causes his body to "flare up" and "I just time travel." Which has to be the worst and least imaginative description of a possible mechanic of time travel I've ever heard.

"Can you tell us a little bit about the process of time travelling?"
The interviewer says that others who he has spoken to claim that when they time travel they black out but instead of seeing black, they see white. What? You don't see anything when you black out, you're unconscious. Noah says "I think it's something a lot like that, but a lot more quicker," again proving that he doesn't have the eloquence of speech that you'd expect a 50-year-old man to have, especially one who claims to work for a top secret government project.

"You actually have something implanted in your wrist?"
Noah says he does and points out the spot on his hand.

"What about transportation in the year 2030, do people still take aeroplanes?"
Well, I can answer this. This aerospace industry isn't going to vanish in just 12 years. London's Heathrow airport wants to open a third runway by the end of 2025, they wouldn't go through all that cost just for five years of air travel. Noah of course agrees with this, because it's super obvious. He also says more electric trains are used, which again isn't an Earth shattering insight, my local rail station is in the process of getting electrified tracks right now.

"What about hyperloops? Because I know there's one being built below Los Angeles."
Noah touched on maglev technology in the previous question, but seems completely oblivious to the fact the heyperloop uses maglev technology as a mode of super fast transportation. However, despite not seeming to understand the question, he says that a hyperloop transport system has been opened by 2030 in L.A. but fails to give any additional information. The fact is that a maglev underground transport system in L.A. is at the moment a dream, one is not currently being built and the ambitious proposal has been described as "completely impractical."

The interviewer comes off of the back of Noah's answer and says, "I think it's between San Fransisco and L.A." Well ask Noah! I can tell you about high speed train services in the country I live in, Noah should be able to, especially one as groundbreaking as a hyperloop service.

"By the year 2030, is global warming pretty bad?"
I have to say, Noah's answer to this makes him sound incredibly dim witted and uneducated. He sheds no light, adds nothing to the topic and states the obvious, "yeah global warming's just pretty bad, like way worse than now. It's a lot more hotter."

He is clueless. Global warming is very very subtle because our ecosystem is so finally balanced and fragile, it doesn't take huge increases in temperature to affect its stability. In fact, since 1880 the average temperature of the planet has only increased by 0.8°C, it may seem like nothing but in some places it's the difference between frozen or liquid. Since 1975 the increase has sped up, the planet now gets hotter by about 0.15°C per year.

We could barely feel this difference, if we extrapolate this over the 12 years until 2030, it's only an increase of 1.8°C, which is tiny given that here in the UK the temperature varies by about 20 degrees depending on the season.

Noah goes on to say, "it's not really much of a problem," which is rubbish. Scientists at the non-profit organisation Climate Central estimate that 275 million people worldwide live in areas that will eventually be flooded if the average temperature rises by just another 3°C. If it really is "a lot more hotter" then humanity is doomed.

Noah says that climate change is still a "rising problem," but says despite the devastating change in temperature he's predicting, society hasn't made any changes to how they live, he said "no, it's all good, it's just more hot." Which is really worrying, it actually shows that this guy who is pretending to be a time traveller really has no clue how serious climate change is. This really shows a lack of education, which is probably why he uses phrases like "it's just more hot."

"One of the proposed things is that we could actually build a civilisation on Mars, is that taking place by the year 2030?"
Noah says that in 2030 there are people on Mars and says the first human mission was in 2028, which is the same year as time travel will be made public.

"So, what about Apex TV, have you heard of that in the year 2030?"
Noah says, "yeah, in the year 2030 it does get a little popular, I was familiar with you guys so that's why I contacted you guys." Hang on... paradox alert! If he was familiar with the YouTube channel, then wouldn't he have already seen the videos he features in?

"Why did you contact us not CNN or any of the mainstream stations?"
A better question would be, why did you contact anyone at all? What is the point of this? Even if he had 100% proof that time travel exists, how does it benefit him or anyone? Noah says he did contact other new organisations but no one was interested. He doesn't give any specific names.

"Do we switch to alternative energy sources?"
Noah gives a really convoluted answered about "slowing down on fossil fuels," but says we're "pursuing on electric things." What does that mean? This guy, who looks like a teen, claims he's actually a 50-year-old man in a rejuvenated body, and not a just a normal man, a man who works as part of a secret government project. Someone like that doesn't say things like "we're pursuing on electric things." He adds that in 2030 it is still mostly gas cars on the roads, but the electric cars which are around by this time have just as much range on a single charge as a conventional vehicle does on a tank of petrol.

"What about medical technology in the future, do we advance a lot?"
Noah is again really vague, he says there's big advances and certain types of cancers have been cured, but the whole thing is led by the interviewer who is clearly much smarter and is prompting Noah on what to say.

"Can you tell us a little bit about robots in the year 2030?"
Noah says that we don't have humanoid robots who can help around the home by 2030, he mentions Amazon Alexa which is of course current technology but fails to mention any products or services which came after it.

"Is the Earth flat?"
I'm not sure why this was asked but Noah gives his most confident reply of the whole interview, "no, the Earth is not flat." Noah says he knows this because the cost of space flight has come down by 2030 and consumer space flight is a thing. When asked if we have bases on the moon, Noah again answers like a totally dim witted idiot, "yeah, we don't have nothing on the moon."

"Can you tell me a little bit about entertainment in the year 2030, do people still pay for cable?"
You've got a guy from 12 years in the future sat in front of you and you ask him "do people still pay for cable." If Noah really is from the future then what a wasted opportunity, there is so much you could ask a genuine time traveller, but this is just madness. Noah's answer... who cares! They then discuss VR, but again, who cares.

"What about drones? Do we have drones that can carry a person?"
Again to quote Thomas Frey, "by the year 2030, there will be one billion drones in the world doing things people cannot yet imagine." What does Noah say? "Yeah, we have those, like they're kind of used by rich people for taxis." Is that it, Noah? I'd like to hear more from Thomas please.

"By the year 2030, do we discover intelligent alien life?"
Noah says we do... of course. But he has nothing more to add on this exciting topic.

"Noah, can you tell us for 100% fact if you're telling the truth?"
This is the interviewer's final question and Noah says, "yes, for 100% fact, I'm telling the truth."

Was Noah Telling The Truth?

Noah Lie Detector Test

The video promised to hook Noah up to a lie detector and said they'd be giving us the results throughout. For the first few questions a little green box with the word "true" popped up on screen after Noah's answer, but after question five Apex TV seemed to forget about the whole lie detector thing and stopped flashing the result up until the final question.

Many people have pointed out in the comments on YouTube that polygraph machines and lie detectors aren't 100% accurate and can be tricked, but that's irrelevant as we don't actually see the machine in the video, just what the video makers claim is the result. This is no more convincing than me saying "I can fly" - TRUE.

We don't know if there was even a machine, if the results we see were really what the machine read... nothing, it's pointless, especially as it was only used in four or five questions anyway.

The whole thing is just too full of holes. If Noah really did suddenly appear from the future last November and then called Apex TV, firstly how did he arrive? Where is he living? If he had nothing with him, how did he get the cash to phone Apex TV? How did he even get online to find the number?

In the original video Noah says that he's trapped in 2017 after being fired and seems upset talking about this, but the most recent video ends with the claim that Noah was taken back to 2030 and interrogated, which resulted in him going missing from our time for a few days. Why wasn't he brought back to the moment he left? Why was he brought back at all? None of it adds up.

I think Paranormal Elite and Apex TV are a little out of their depth with this hoax. They're too young and not worldly wise enough to pull it off convincingly. The Paranormal Elite channel actually has much better videos, one of which I wrote about last year, which purported to show a mermaid washed up on a Beach in Minnesota.

But the Noah hoax reeks of desperation. Since posting the original video, which has notched up 1.6 million views so far, they've uploaded three more time traveller videos in an attempt to repeat the popularity of the first, as well as several interview with Noah on the Apex channel. Plus the fact they've openly commented on YouTube's ad revenue share policies which exposes them as nothing more than money-hungry trolls.

This is proved further when at the end of the interview, the host hands Noah a time traveller t-shirt before pointing out that you can buy one yourself.

Who Is Ilana Remikee?

Ilana Remikee

There's one other major unanswered question, who is Ilana Remikee?

When asked who will be the president of the United States in 2030, Noah gives no more detail other than saying it's someone called Ilana Remikee. As with all of his answers, Noah seems too dim to add any details, he didn't mention whether Ilana was a republican or democrat, or volunteer any other information on her... which is mad considering that his "sole objective" is to convince us that time travel is real.

Now given that 2030 is only 12 years in to the future, Ilana Remikee should already be either an established business leader or a serving politician. The youngest person to assume the office was Theodore Roosevelt, who became president at the age of 42 years. So, future president Remikee must be at least 30 now. Has she not heard her name in this video and come forward to validate his claims? After all it's an unusual name and you'd know by now if you had your sights set on presidency.

What We Know About Noah

Noah Time Traveller


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