Is Ilana Remikee A Real Person?

February 27, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ Time Travel

This article is more than six years old and was last updated in February 2020.

Noah Time Traveller

Anyone who is up on their time traveller gossip has probably been asking who Ilana Remikee is after she was named as a future US president by a guy claiming to be from the year 2030.

Last week a YouTube channel called Apex TV uploaded a video which they claim was an interview with a real life time traveller. The teen, who appears with a pixelated face and distorted voice in the video calls himself Noah and says he is originally for 2021, but has travelled forward to 2030 before ending up in our time.

Even more bizarrely, Noah also claims he isn't actually a teen at all. He says he's 50-years-old but has taken top secret drugs to rejuvenate his body. Noah first appeared in our time in late 2017, when he gained worldwide press attention after revealing that he worked as part of a government time travel project.
Last week Noah made some predictions about the future of US politics in a follow-up video for Apex TV. In the video Noah was supposedly hooked up to a lie detector and his claims were validated by a green box which popped up on the screen saying "true".

As well as some pretty weak and unimaginative predictions about the future of travel, climate change, and artificial intelligence, he also made some claims about the future leaders of the United States.

The bad new is that according to Noah, Donald Trump will get reelected in the 2020. Noah didn't elaborate on this by telling us who his opponent is. The next future president that Noah gives us is Ilana Remikee. But who is she...

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Ilana Remikee

According to Noah, Ilana Remikee was the president when he visited the year 2030. In fact he says she was elected in 2030, Noah didn't give us any indication of who Trump's successor would be in the 2024 election. There's a big problem with this story though, 2030 is not an election year.

Elections in the United States are only held in years that are evenly divisible by four. For example, 2028 gives you a nice round 507, but 2030 divided by four gives you a 507.5. If we give Noah the benefit of the doubt, then perhaps Ilana won the race to the White House in the 2028 election and was therefore president when he was in 2030.

Given that the election of 2028 is only ten years into the future, I would have thought that Ilana Remikee should already be either an established business leader or a serving politician. The youngest person to assume the office was Theodore Roosevelt, who became president at the age of 42 years.

Based on this, I would have assumed that future president Remikee must be at least 30 now. But, it seems that not only is Ilana Remikee likely to be the first ever female president, assuming she wasn't pipped to the post in the previous election, but she's also the youngest ever person to take office. Incredibly at half the age Roosevelt was.

You currently need to be over the age of 35 to take office, but Noah says "they pass a new law that basically makes it so you can be younger as president." And come on, no one is going to vote for an inexperienced 21-year-old, she's not even old enough to have been to college.

But this doesn't add up. Noah claims that Ilana was born in 2009 and that she was 21 when she took office. She'd only be 19 in 2028. The only other possibility is that they changed the way election dates fall, as well as the minimum age.
Ilana Remikee for President

Since Noah mentioned Ilana Remikee in the lie detector video, people have taken to Google and social media to try to track down the aspiring future leader. However, if she was born in 2009, then she's currently only eight-years-old, which means she won't have profiles online.

But that hasn't stopped profile popping up. Plenty of fake account in the name of Ilana Remikee have been created in the last few days, even some Facebook pages campaigning for support for the 2030 election (which we've already established, won't happen).
Ilana Remikee Together 2030 Campaign

But these searches for President Remikee might have been a waste of time, as Noah has already given us clues to her identity during an interview with Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O. Shockingly, Noah said that Ilana Remikee is a descendent of American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.

You're probably seeing a pattern emerging here. Again, this doesn't add up because none of Martin Luther King Jr's relatives are called Ilana. Although one of his grandchildren, Yolanda Renee King, is about the right age.

If Ilana Remikee were a real person, either in her 30s or a nine-year-old girl, why has no one come forward to say "that's me," or "that's my child?"

As with all of his predictions, Noah was unable to add any detail about Ilana, he didn't mention whether she was a republican or democrat, or volunteer any other information on her at all.

Some who have been following the story have speculated that Ilana Remikee might be an anagram, but running it through an online anagram solver gives you the response, "no answers found for 'IlanaRemikee'. Check you entered the letters correctly."

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