'The Naked Experiment' Is A Revealing New Paranormal Documentary

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ParaSense: The Naked Experiment
Ross Allison and Chad Goodwin's new documentary, 'ParaSense: The Naked Experiment', takes ghost hunting to a whole new level by exploring how the sense of touch relates to hauntings - and they do it all in the nude.

The new 90-minute documentary explores the physical aspects of ghosts actually touching the living. The film follows paranormal veteran Ross as he teams up with scientist and engineer Chad to investigate encounters of physical contact with the supernatural. Using newly developed scientific equipment, they take their subjects into the most haunted locations and document their findings, resulting in exciting discoveries and groundbreaking evidence.

'ParaSense: The Naked Experiment' is based on six years of paranormal research. The film investigates how the sense of touch relates to hauntings and features a series of experiments carried out by Ross and his team. While ghosts have been known to haunt us through different means, this is the first series of filmed investigations to focus specifically on the paranormal sensations of touch.

Many people report being touched by invisible forces believed to be ghosts, but how can we prove it? The team behind the documentary sought to address this question by having their experimental subjects undress. The narrator explains that in the experiment they "fully expose the skin, the body's largest sensing organ." He adds, "clothes and other items may cause a subject to dismiss a ghostly touch as a possible movement of a garment." The exposed skin helps to maximise the body's ability to experience the entire space, making it easier to detect the source of the touch.

Additionally, the team hope that the vulnerability of the subjects acts to increase the body's 'fight or flight' response, which in turn heightens their senses. However, it could also be argued that this vulnerability makes them more suggestible. Even when the experiment's designer, Chad, tried it out for himself, he confessed, "I was a little unsure if I was being touched by a ghost, or if I was just scared." He also reported having goosebumps, which is an unfortunate side effect of being undressed that might also be attributed to unusual ghost-like sensations in the dark.

Filmed tastefully using night vision cameras and thermal imaging, the documentary tries to bring a scientific approach to the genre of paranormal documentaries.

Ross, who claims to have a fair share of skepticism, designed these experiments to see what was happening to the skin, the muscles, and the body temperature. To take his experiments further, Ross enlisted the help of Chad, who helped design the naked experiments and ensure the scientific method was strictly applied.

With the backing of parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach, who said "the human body itself can be a detector," the team used custom-built sensors to log various metrics, including light levels, temperature, humidity, and EMF. The bulk of the documentary tracks their naked experiments, and the data collected seems to coincide with or occur just before a subject was touched or even scratched.

While the documentary does fall into the traps of other ghost hunting shows by shooting in the dark, using similar gadgets, and calling out to the spirits, it is different from others in that it has a purpose and a goal. Even the phenomenon beyond the brief of exploring the sensation of touch, like EVPs and light anomalies, is measured, spotted, and analysed in a more scientific way than other paranormal shows. However, it is still a matter of belief whether this activity is the result of spirits of the dead or something else.

In conclusion, 'ParaSense: The Naked Experiment' provides a new perspective on paranormal research by exploring the links between touch and paranormal activity. The experiments conducted in the documentary may offer an additional piece of data that was never collected before, providing researchers with a better understanding of how the human body detects paranormal activity.

Although the documentary still uses some of the tropes of traditional ghost hunting shows, it is different in that it takes a scientific approach to exploring a specific aspect of encounter with a custom-designed and fitting experiment. By doing so, 'ParaSense: The Naked Experiment' challenges paranormal investigators to think more critically about how they should go about investigating the phenomena they study.

If you're a fan of all things spooky, then 'ParaSense: The Naked Experiment' is a must-watch documentary. The film has already won several awards at the Fortean Film Festival and MegaFlix Film Awards.

You can watch it now on iTunes, Prime Video, Google Play, and Vudu, or for more information, head to touchedbyaghost.com.

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