How April's Incessant Rainfall Might Be Fuelling Ghostly Encounters

April 05, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalGhosts
As the UK faces another month of wet conditions following an unusually wet March, some will be wondering what the impact of this weather might be on paranormal activity. The previous few months have seen above-average rainfall across most of the country, with some areas in southern England experiencing more than double the average rainfall for March.

This seemingly never-ending wet spell prompts a revival of the theory that extreme weather conditions, particularly heavy rain, may influence the frequency or intensity of paranormal phenomena.

Historically, ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts have noted a correlation between water and ghostly encounters. Theories suggest that bodies of water, and especially flowing water like rivers and streams, may act as conductors for spiritual energy, potentially making certain locations more prone to hauntings.

The energy discharged during thunderstorms, for instance, is believed by some to provide spirits with the energy necessary to manifest. Falling water in the form of rain is also a source of energy, specifically kinetic energy, with each raindrop being equivalent to about 12 milliwatts of power. With the incessant rain splashing down on the ground and buildings around us at the moment, this energy could be contributing to paranormal activity.

Going back centuries, ghosts have been strongly associated with rivers, lakes, and wells, as well as times when there's an increase of moisture in the air, during heavy fog, on a humid summer evening, and of course during a rainstorm. Given the current weather patterns, with persistent low pressure bringing showers and longer spells of rain, many haunted locations will be a lot more saturated than normal.

Distant heavy rain can be a source of ultra-low-frequency vibrations known as infrasound, offering a potential natural explanation for some experiences perceived as paranormal. Infrasound is often associated with feelings of unease or discomfort, in the form of disorientation, feeling panicked, and an increased heart rate and blood pressure. In extreme cases, infrasound has been attributed to feelings of depression, a general feeling of unease, as well as visions of apparitions.

There's also the possibility that rain is merely acting as a trigger object. Ghost hunters are known to dress in period costumes or bring in familiar objects to try to encourage a spirit to communicate. It may simply be that rain is significant to some spirits, perhaps if they died during a rainstorm. So when it rains, the downpour is acting as a trigger, and their energy might be stirred up because the weather matches the conditions on the day they died.

The persistence of these wet conditions, underscored by the absence of a significant high-pressure system on the horizon, suggests that the UK may continue to experience an environment potentially ripe for paranormal phenomena. While long-range forecasts hint at a shift towards average or above-average rainfall in the coming months, the immediate weather pattern of April showers provides an opportune moment for ghost hunters and paranormal researchers to observe and document any correlation between the rainy weather and paranormal activity.

Whether the wet weather truly stirs the spirits or simply sets the stage for a more atmospheric ghost hunting experience, the coming weeks offer a prime opportunity for investigation. However, investigating in the rain can be troublesome due to rain contaminating evidence. The sound of driving rain on a roof, walls, or windows can be mistaken for unexplained sounds. There's an increased chance that you'll hear water dripping onto various surfaces, creating unusual sounds, especially in old leaky buildings, and audio recordings can be drowned out by the drone of rain outside.

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