6 Weirdest Things To Wash Up On Beaches

September 24, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ MermaidsMythical Creatures

This article is more than six years old.

From time to time some pretty weird objects wash ashore, some of the oddest things to wash up on land include the remains of creatures that look like sea monsters, and even human body parts.

This list contains some of the strangest things found on the sand of beaches from all around the world, for most, their origins are still unknown to this day.

6. Mermaid Remains, Great Yarmouth, UK


The gruesome mermaid has been photographed led on a beach in Great Yarmouth in the UK, where it was supposedly washed up by the harsh North Sea. The photos were posted on Facebook by Paul Jones and appear to show the decomposing corps of human-like mermaid complete with a tail fin.

Sadly, it seems these photographs do very little to help prove the existence of mermaids. This particular mermaid's origin is rooted on land. Paul Jones, who posted the photos is actually a pretty skilled model maker, who's known for making some creepy creations. But still, it's a pretty odd find on a beach.

5. Giant Dead Sea Monster, Indonesian Island

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Videos posted online appear to show the dead body of a huge, unidentified sea creature which has washed on the island Seram Island early in 2017.

Local press describe the carcass which measures 15 meters in length as giant squid-like beast. The body has been shown in videos rotting in a pool of water, the animals blood can be seen turning the water red.

The creature certainly looks like an undiscovered sea monster from the deep but a marine experts talking to Huffington Post, said "my guess is it's a baleen whale."

4. Giant Eye Ball, Florida

Giant Eye

In 2012, while walking along the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a man found a huge eyeball that had washed ashore. No one knows for sure how an eye this large washed up on land without any sign of the rest of the head or body. But marine life experts think it may have belonged to a large species of swordfish.

3. Giant Snowballs, Serbia

In 2016 photos emerged from the Gulf of Ob in Serbia that showed a whole beach covered with snowballs that appeared to have mysteriously washed ashore.

According to news reports, the snowballs had been washing up on an 11 mile stretch of the coast and are said to range from about the size of a tennis ball up to almost 3 feet across.

2. Severed Feet, Salish Sea

Severed Foot On Beach

Since 2007, not one but several severed human feet have been washing ashore on the coasts of the Salish Sea in British Columbia, Canada, and Washington, USA.

So far, often the 16 feet found, five have been identified as belonging to men, and one to a woman. Almost all of the feet discovered have been right feet.

It's a mystery who the feet belong to, as of 2012 just four of the 16 victims have been identified.

1. Montauk Monster, New York, USA

Montauk Monster

In 2008 a strange, unidentified animal carcass floated onto the sand of a beach near the business district of Montauk, New York. The remains of the animal are said to have mysteriously disappeared, which means no one knows for sure exactly what the carcass was or where it came from leading many to call it the "Montauk Monster."

A newspaper article at the time, with the headline "The Hound of Bonacville," speculated that the creature might be a mutant experiment from the Plum Island Animal Disease Center.


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