How Accurate Were Our Readers' 2023 Psychic Predictions?

December 03, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Psychic Readings
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In early 2023, we invited our readers to peer into the crystal ball and share their visions for the year ahead. The call was open to everyone, from seasoned soothsayers to those who simply had a hunch about the future. We asked for predictions spanning a broad spectrum, from global events and political shifts to natural disasters and technological breakthroughs. Our intention was not to prove or debunk these forecasts but to explore the intriguing tapestry of expectations and apprehensions held by our readers at the outset of the year.

The response was as varied as it was fascinating. We received predictions that were sober and well-considered, alongside others that were wildly imaginative or darkly pessimistic. Some contributors offered detailed scenarios, laying out their visions with precision, while others presented broad, sweeping statements about the world and its future.

In total, we received 110 individual predictions. As we now stand at the end of 2023, it's time to revisit these predictions and evaluate their accuracy and relevance against the year's actual events.

Someone calling themselves "SAB" offered a series of extremely negative and catastrophic predictions. These included global disasters, political upheavals, and dire societal changes. Such predictions, while dramatic, often lack the specificity required for a clear evaluation.

Breaking down some of SAB's predictions, starting with the claim that "rabies makes a comeback," there was no significant rise in the disease in 2023. Did California and Florida sink to the bottom of the sea due to massive floods? No, they didn't. SAB also predicted that Russian President Putin would nuke Israel for dropping a bomb in Iran - thankfully, this also didn't come true.

There were a few predictions about Russia. Remember that by early 2023, we were already almost a year into the current conflict in the Ukraine. The predictions included insights that NATO would launch bombs into Russia, that Russia would hit a stalemate by May and a "peace deal" would be arranged, and a conflicting prediction that Russia would defeat Ukraine and continue its efforts to regain territory to the west. Of course, all of these were inaccurate.

One amateur soothsayer called Kim said, "I don't see an actual end to the war in Ukraine. Ukraine will receive help from other countries, and Putin will become more frustrated as he is not getting as far as he hoped but can't back out now, so he will continue with his threats." They added, "I see more threats regarding nukes. I do see chemical poisoning, but not in Ukraine. I see someone trying to take a hit on Ukraine's president, but it will be unsuccessful."

Kim also told us that they think that "something is going on" with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, adding that it will all come to light before April. A general election will be called, and Labour will take over. This, of course, didn't become a reality.

A final set of predictions from Kim, who says, "I'm not a royalist. I do, however, see upheaval." Kim predicts that Prince William will take over some of the King's engagements. This would seem to be somewhat accurate, if reports are to be believed. As recently as October, news broke that William and Kate were set to ramp up royal visits in a bid to improve the Royal Family's popularity. It wasn't specifically reported that they are to be replacing King Charles at these engagements, but it was said that the King is "keen to take advantage of a growing interest in the Royal Family amongst younger people."

Heather also made a prediction about the Royals. Heather said, "Something huge is coming out about the Royal Family, which will take the spotlight off Harry," with the younger prince being heavily criticised in the media at the time this prediction was made. However, no such revelation about the Royals emerged in 2023.

Patricia submitted her prediction that "Paul McCartney and Judi Dench make headline news on the same day." Dame Judi makes headlines almost weekly. In the last month alone: "Kate Winslet and Judi Dench urge Londoners to back the Winter Survival Appeal," "Judi Dench says she can no longer see on film sets," and "Judi Dench accidentally video called co-star Ben Whishaw from the bath."

Paul McCartney did also make headlines within the last month. In early November, he made headlines along with the rest of The Beatles after their single 'Now And Then' topped the UK charts after a gap of 4 years. With both Paul and Judi getting so much regular press attention, they almost certainly did have headlines written about them on the same day in 2023, but there was nothing that seemed significant.

Chris, a self-styled psychic medium, painted a dramatic scene in his prediction for 2023. He said, "I predict an armed robbery in the centre of Edinburgh, very close to Princes Street." He added that this event would take place "in the warmer months." This does sort of match an incident that did take place in the summer when an Edinburgh shopkeeper took down an armed robber with his bare hands. However, the attempted robbery took place over two miles from Princes Street.

Chris went on to say, "The men have machine guns, and the robbery takes place in the Bank of Scotland. The customers and public are lying on the floor, but they are also lying on the ground outside the bank. The robbers are all dressed in black." As dramatic as this sounds, it wasn't something that actually came true in the last 12 months.

Of the 110 individual predictions we received, the vast majority were inaccurate, but a few did have some striking similarities to real-world events.

One respondent predicted that Hawaii would be destroyed by a volcano. There was news surrounding Hawaii's Kilauea volcano, which erupted three times this year. Although a red warning was issued, the US Geological Survey said, "There's no reason to expect this to transition into a rift eruption that would threaten any communities here on the island with lava flows or anything like that."

Another prediction was that "Africa pleads for help," and they did, as this BBC News headline from September 13 testified: "Libya flooding: Doctor pleads for help as bodies line streets."

Someone else predicted that a famous shoe company would go bust. Shoe brand Rockport, which is stocked in major UK retailers including Sports Direct and House of Fraser, did indeed file for bankruptcy in the US in June.

One football fan named Steve made a couple of accurate sporting predictions. He foresaw that Bristol Rovers would just miss out on play-off places and that Wrexham would win the Conference League.

Two predictions sent to us this year by different people were eerily similar, although a little vague. They were that "ice reveals a secret" and "new minerals found in the Arctic." Just a month ago, it was reported that melting glaciers revealed a lost Viking mountain pass in Norway, not the Arctic. It was also reported early in the year that Europe's largest deposit of rare earth metals, which are used in everything from mobile phones to missiles, had been found in Arctic Sweden.

Other, less accurate predictions sent to us included:
• Donald Trump will be assassinated
• A large earthquake will hit the Mediterranean in March
• A Pope dies in October
• Health scare concerning eggs
• Global food shortages
• Twitter will become unresponsive early in 2023 and will be gone by the end of the year

Many of the predictions we received appear to be influenced by the personal political views and biases of the contributors. This phenomenon isn't entirely surprising, as predictions about the future often reflect the predictor's own hopes, fears, and perspectives on current events.

Several prediction focussed on the UK's political landscape, particularly the Conservative and Labour parties. They seem less like neutral forecasts and more like expressions of the contributors' personal political leanings and desires for future political developments. Phrases such as "Tories are stubborn regarding strikes and pay rises" and "Labour will come in at the right time and will give everything a good shakeup" suggest a personal preference, rather than an impartial prediction.

It's common for individuals to project their own political aspirations into their predictions, especially in times of uncertainty or political change. This can often lead to predictions that are more reflective of an individual's hopes for the future rather than objective assessments of likely outcomes.

One final prediction, which was only sent to us in the middle of November, was "Before the end of 2023, this year, a discovery will be made that will change the future of the world." Daisy, who sent the prediction, added, "I'm hoping it's good." I guess we only have a month to find out.

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