Zak Bagans Buys Haunted Haul Of Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy's Possessions

September 11, 2020 1:00 AM ‐ TelevisionGhost AdventuresParanormal
John Gacy Prison - Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits

'Ghost Adventures' star Zak Bagans has added a new macabre item to his haunted collection, the prison artwork of mass killer, John Wayne Gacy.

Zak tweeted about his latest grim acquisition. He wrote, "acquired some disturbing personal items directly from John Gacy’s family. They will all be locked-up BEHIND JAIL BARS in the true-crime exhibit @hauntedmuseum."

Gacy's lingering paranormal energy was the subject of last's year's 'Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits', a spin-off of Zak's long-running ghost hunting show.

In one of the four episodes Zak and his team searched for evidence of the spirit of Gacy at the facility where he was detained in Illinois, the Old Joliet Prison.

Gacy, also known as the Killer Clown, was processed through the prison in 1980. Between 1972 and 1978, Gacy murdered 33 young men and boys, that he lured into his home. Most were handcuffed and strangled. He then disposed of almost all of the bodies in shallow graves beneath his house.

The potentially haunted haul Zak's purchased will go on display in his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. It consists of several pieces of artwork, including a self portrait, in which the serial killer has portrayed himself as a clown. The collection also includes personal letters and what is said to be the last packet of cigarettes that Gacy smoked before his execution in 1994.

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John Gacy Prison - Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits

It wasn't just Gacy's possessions the Zak was interested in. In the 'Serial Killer Spirits' episode Zak held a piece of the mass murderer's actual brain.

In the show Zak met with Dr. Helen Morrison, a psychiatrist who worked closely with Gacy. She tells him that she has samples of the serial killer's organ preserved in her basement that were retained after his execution.

Like a kid in a candy store, Zak handled the box of samples. He said, "I am holding pieces of the brain of one of the most evil men to ever walk the face of this Earth." He then takes one of the samples out of the box and holds it, which he describes as "directly connecting a physical piece of this monster's DNA to my own body."

After the show aired it emerged that Zak was potentially interested in buying the brain sample, but there's been no further news since on whether Dr. Morrison would be willing to part with this grim piece of criminal history.

Zak's latest purchase comes just weeks after it was revealed that the television ghost hunter had purchased the personal belongings of Joe Exotic, who featured in the smash Netflix series 'Tiger King'. Zak also plans to use these items to create a themed exhibit at his haunted museum.

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