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  • 10 Most Haunted Villages In England

    August 17, 2020

    A list of English villages that have the most haunted buildings, paranormal hotspots and haunting phenomenon to their name ranked by the number of distinct hauntings.

  • 'Spooked Scotland' Quiz

    August 02, 2022

    Chris Fleming and Gail Porter lead a team to investigate supernatural sightings at some of Scotland’s most haunted locations, but how much can you remember from the show's ten episodes?

  • Types Of Hauntings

    March 07, 2017

    These five terms to describe ghosts and spirits are the categorisations most commonly used by many ghost hunters to describe the paranormal activity they encounter.

  • How To Use An Egely Wheel For Paranormal Investigations

    January 04, 2020

    An Egely Vitality Indicator can be used during a paranormal investigation, the idea is to get any spirits that might be present to spin the wheel to communicate.

  • Parapsychology Audiobooks For Ghost Hunters

    March 18, 2022

    Are you looking for your next paranormal themed audiobook to listen to on Audible? We've handpicked a selection of worthy parapsychology books aimed at paranormal investigators.

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