Dinosaurs Live! Hunting For The Mokele-mbembe - Haunted Objects Podcast Episoe 10

March 06, 2023 4:38 PM

About This Video

This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Planet Weird in March 2023.

Do dinosaurs still walk the earth? Some scientists believe so! In this special two-part episode, we trek deep into the heart of the Congo's impenetrable jungle in search of the Mokele-mbembe. Along the way, the gang relates to soft nerd people, Connor embraces his inner-dinosaur, and Keelin continues her quest to become the world's greatest cryptozoologist. Plus: a real, live encounter with the Mokele-mbembe captured on camera!

About Planet Weird

Planet Weird is the hub for some of the most groundbreaking projects in the realm of the paranormal. For nearly two decades, Greg and Dana have traversed North America on hundreds of paranormal adventures in search of everything from legendary monsters to mind bending psychic phenomena, covering everything in between. They've come face-to-face with Bigfoot deep in the hills of West Virginia, successfully instigated an alien abduction on North Carolina's mysterious Brown Mountain, and grappled with angry ghosts in a violently-cursed town in rural Pennsylvania, to name just a few adventures.

Planet Weird was created out of a combined 30+ years of these extraordinary investigations and their desire to share those experiences across a variety of formats.

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