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  • How A Psychic Found Florida's Most Bloodthirsty Murderer

    April 28, 2022

    When a swimming instructor, Mae Wentz, is brutally stabbed to death in her Boynton Beach home, Florida police comb the bloody crime scene for clues. And although they uncover pieces of a knife, and have serious suspicions about one of the neighbors, the investigation stalls due to lack of evidence.

  • What Is The Real History Of Witchcraft?

    April 26, 2022

    The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle, Cornwall, houses the world's largest collection of witchcraft-related artifacts and regalia. Anglo-Saxons believed in witches, individuals who would perform malevolent magic to harm others. In the late 6th century, Christian missionaries began converting Anglo-Saxon England, a process that took several centuries. Despite this, the fascination with magic and witchcraft has prevailed. The roots of this practice span centuries and continents.

  • Is This Man Really The Most Powerful Psychic In History?

    April 23, 2022

    Contactees are people who have experienced contact with extraterrestrials. Dr. Louis Turi had four such encounters. This documentary examines his encounters, his relationship with Astrology, and how he has accurately predicted several major world events.

  • Psychic Knows Who Really Killed This Teenage Girl

    April 21, 2022

    A cold-case detective uses a videotape from a respected psychic to help catch a killer thirty years after the victim was found by police.

  • Satanic Panic: Was It Really Just Mass Hysteria?

    April 19, 2022

    The Satanic Panic is a moral panic involving over 12,000 unsubstantiated incidents of Satanic ritual abuse that began in the 1980s, spread to many countries around the globe by the late 1990s, and is still happening today. Welcome to the wild world of devil worship. Does the author of evil really exist or is he just a tool of intimidation for the church? Can a person really gain status and wealth by bowing to the dark one? If they can, is it really worth the cost?

  • The Calek Family Curse: Can Lorraine Warren Finally Solve The Case?

    April 16, 2022

    Can world-renowned psychic Lorraine Warren solve this case? Paranormal investigator and documentary filmmaker Chad Calek returns to his hometown of Persia, Iowa in hopes to put an end to the 20-year reign of suffering that his family has endured due to an overwhelming amount of intense negative paranormal activity. Calek is armed with the support of best friend and paranormal investigator Ryan Buell (Star and Executive Producer of A&E's Paranormal State) and the illustrious Lorraine Warren (Investigator, Amityville Case). Calek is determined to find the source of the paranormal phenomena and to bring his family peace after two decades of torment.

  • How A Psychic Found The Corpse Of A Murdered Millionaire

    April 14, 2022

    The partner of an Arizona businesswoman claims that masked gunmen abducted his colleague. The police fail to believe his story, but without a body, detectives must release him. A world-renowned psychic helps police find evidence that leads to a corpse.

  • The Secret Mythology Of Demonic Possession

    April 12, 2022

    Do you believe in possession? Newly uncovered historical records reveal that demonic possession was present before Jesus Christ. Can an evil entity really assume control over a human being? These are the real dark origins of demonic possession.

  • The Necromancer Of The American Civil War

    April 09, 2022

    A house divided against itself cannot stand. The American civil war proved that. The year is 1864 and the place is a remote corner of the ravaged south as war rages outside. Every day for 2 years, Alma Harding has prayed for the safe return of her husband Jerimiah; a farmer serving in the beleaguered army of the south. Her prayers have become more urgent since their only son Benjamin has fallen deathly ill with scarlet fever. But as Alma is about to learn, prayers are sometimes answered in unexpected ways.

  • This Shocking Murder Confession Is Proof Of Psychic's Vision

    April 07, 2022

    A Texas woman is kidnapped in broad daylight. Investigators suspect a local felon, but without a body, detectives can't make an arrest. Police turn a well-known psychic to help them crack the case.

  • Vampires & Zombies: The Secret History Of The Undead

    April 05, 2022

    The "Scream Queen" Linnea Quigley investigates the most compelling evidence of vampires and zombies. Stories of the undead can be found in the earliest writings in human history. This team of leading experts believes there may be more to these horror movie monsters than we think.

  • The Dark Mythology Of Bigfoot

    March 23, 2022

    There are tales all around the world of big, hairy, bipedal, ape-like creatures that dwell in the wilderness and leave footprints. But whatever you do, don't call them Bigfoot. From the Patterson - Gimlin film and other sightings to known hoaxes and bigfoot hunters, this documentary delves deep into the mythology, sightings, and people who search out these mysterious beings.

  • The Most Disturbing Ghost Videos Caught On Camera

    March 16, 2022

    Viewer-generated clips from around the globe reveal some of the most unnerving paranormal incidents ever to be captured on camera. A panel of experts analyzes the shocking footage as they attempt to explain the impossible.

  • The Shadow Menace Haunting Morley Market

    February 21, 2022

    Sean heads to the town of Morley to investigate the infamous Morley Market. A place once bustling with people from years gone by, is now haunted by shadow figures and they appear to want to make themselves known.

  • Aleister Crowley: The Wickedest Man In History

    February 21, 2022

    This documentary follows the chilling life, impulses, and journey of Aleister Crowley, one of the most controversial and mysterious characters of the 20th Century. He is infamously known as "The Wickedest Man in the World."

  • Do The Pendle Witches Still Haunt This Dark Forest?

    February 21, 2022

    Sean heads deep into the Pendle Hills in search of the Pendle Witches that went to trial in 1612 and were hung for witchcraft. The investigation takes an unexpected twist with a stop at the New Inn, Pendle's most haunted pub.

  • We Got Stranded In The Haunted Woods At Pendle Hill

    February 21, 2022

    Sean continues his investigation of Pendle Hill and ventures even deeper into the hills. The night takes an unexpected turn with a dramatic ending, which he believes was caused by the witches.

  • Psychic Believes This Man Is Haunting Morley Market

    February 21, 2022

    Sean continues his investigation at Morley Market and appears to be followed by a shadow figure. Who is this spirit and why won't it let him investigate the main hall?

  • Psychic Believes A Poltergeist Is Haunting This Cottage

    February 21, 2022

    Paranormal Investigator Sean Reynolds returns to his former haunted home. No tenant has ever managed to stay the full term because of what they call the "Sandhole Poltergeist". The team seeks to expel the restless spirit once and for all.

  • What Really Happened To These Dead Astronauts?

    February 21, 2022

    Andrew Poe has had a clandestine encounter: a late-night date with guilt inside a hospital room which, as we all know, is a safe place to be, don't we?

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