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Whether it's ghosts or clandestine conspiracies, the things you see here will send shivers down your spine. Shiver's official YouTube channel is the number one destination for ghost hunting, paranormal documentaries, mystery and unexplained events with full length documentaries that ask the questions others are too afraid to.

  • Mississippi River Monster Caught On Camera

    March 22, 2021

    Why won't the locals of Lake Pepin, Minnesota swim in the water? These murky waters of the Mississippi River are notorious for breeding unique and terrifying creatures.

  • The Chilling Story Of The Refrigerator Ghost

    March 20, 2021

    This scary story is sure to keep you up at night. A divorced, embittered repairman murders a woman he picked up in the bar, stashes her body in an industrial refrigerator and dumps it into the river.

  • Are There Haunted Tunnels Beneath Newark?

    March 18, 2021

    Locals and historians have long claimed that a deep network of tunnels run beneath Newark, Nottinghamshire. Residents report loud noises, voices and supernatural activity occurring beneath the surface.

  • I Think My Stepbrother Is Haunting Me...

    March 15, 2021

    This spooky story will keep you up at night. Deborah Hodges lost her husband to a heart attack on her daughter Jessica's 10th Birthday. They grew an even stronger bond in the wake of the tragedy and learned to be happy again.

  • Man Bitten In Half By Swamp Monster

    March 13, 2021

    The repulsive and menacing beast, known as 'The Hodag', is said to stalk the swamps and forests of Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Records from the 1800s report the alleged capture of one of these terrifying and rare creatures. But where did this monster come from? Most importantly, whom will it take as it's next victim?

  • The Phantom Bride Of Blue Bell Hill

    March 11, 2021

    The notorious ghost deemed "The Blue Bell Hill Hitchhiker" has terrified motorists for half a century. On November 19, 1965, 22-year-old Susan Browne was returning from her hen night with her bridesmaids when all three were killed in a head-on collision. Their deaths have led to one of the most commonly reported ghost sightings in the UK.

  • The Native American Legend Lurking In Lake Okanagan

    February 25, 2021

    In the depths of Lake Okanagan, a monster known as "Naathik", described as a 10-15 meter long serpent, has been sighted on and off since the 19th century. The Native American Syilx people have long documented its existence and residents report constant sightings. Discover one of Canada's oldest and most enduring legends.

  • The Dechmont Woods Alien Encounter

    February 24, 2021

    Riveting first-hand accounts from a woman claiming she remembers her past life, and a man who's UFO sighting has fascinated law enforcement for decades. Jenny Cockell rose to fame after her bizarre and inexplicably accurate memories of a life she did not live. Robert Taylor's case is the only example of a UFO sighting becoming the subject of a criminal investigation. These witness testimonies come from two people whose lives have been changed forever by their paranormal experiences.

  • The Lost Souls Of The Titanic Disaster

    February 22, 2021

    The Five Fisherman is a seafood restaurant, but it was once the Halifax Mortuary where over 200 bodies were brought ashore after the Titanic disaster. Halifax, Nova Scotia was the Titanic's coroner, undertaker and mourner. This unassuming building is said to host immense ghostly activity. Spirits reportedly haunt the halls, lost on foreign soil and unable to pass on. Are these the restless souls of those killed in one of the deadliest disasters in history?

  • Disturbed Poltergeists Haunt This Famous Old Theatre

    February 20, 2021

    This grand theatre comes to life when the lights go out. Many reports include eerie, unembodied singing and shadowy apparitions performing on the main stage. The Ghost Dimension team travel to Derbyshire to investigate the New Mills Arts Theatre's paranormal activity. This heritage building has played host to many famous acts and world-renowned plays but has a little known secret that it's allegedly Haunted.

  • Are These Desperate People Really Possessed By Demons?

    February 18, 2021

    Plagued by demonic possession, half-a-million people to travel to Vatican City every year in search of healing. Return of the Exorcists shows rare and controversial footage of exorcism and sufferers in states of trance and altered states. With access to Italy's most prominent exorcists and the people who turn to them for help, the film goes beyond the extreme drama of the ritual and observes the daily life of an exorcist, seeking to understand what the rite really is and what lies behind its revival.

  • Farmhouse Ghost Gives A Grim Warning

    February 13, 2021

    Bex and Sean get more than they bargained for. Something spooks Bex in the main farmhouse which leaves her wondering was it being playful or is there more sinister things afoot.

  • Does England Have Its Own Loch Ness Monster?

    February 11, 2021

    People report sighting a serpent-like creature in England's Lake Windermere.

  • The Ghost In The Pub

    February 06, 2021

    The Ghost Dimension team travel to the old town of Knutsford, Cheshire to investigate the historic Lord Eldon Inn hoping to contact the spirit of Sarah Ann Pollitt, who is said to haunt the pub.

  • Is There An Ancient Creature Beneath This Italian Resort?

    February 04, 2021

    An aboriginal legend of a lake monster known as Nahuelito attracts a different crowd of tourists. Eye witness accounts and skeptics come together in this episode to try and make sense of what exactly is seen emerging from the depths...

  • Is There A Winged Creature Terrorising This Small Town?

    January 29, 2021

    Referred to by locals as the 'Thunderbird', witnesses report seeing a flying creature with a wingspan of 12 to 20 feet wide in the skies above Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Could it be tied to an ancient Native American myth?

  • Ghost Of Oscar Wilde: The Waverly Inn - Ghost Cases

    May 28, 2020

    Paul and Holly investigate the Waverly Inn. The Waverly Inn is a proud and historic Inn located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Some guests have reportedly sensed the ghost of Oscar Wilde who visited in the late 1800’s.

  • Churchill Mansion Inn: Haunting In Yarmouth - Ghost Cases

    May 21, 2020

    Paul and Holly investigate Churchill Mansion, the quintessential haunted mansion; it’s a century old private Inn that may still possess the spirit of its influential owner and his troubled niece.

  • Haunted Manchester Radio Station - Ghost Cases

    May 16, 2020

    Paul and Holly investigate a popular and potentially haunted Manchester radio station and then spend the evening at a 10,000-year-old burial site near Congleton, England where a ghostly Druid monk has been reportedly seen.

  • Lion & Swan Historic Inn - Ghost Cases

    May 09, 2020

    Paul and Holly visit a historic Inn while staying in Congleton, England. The ghost of a past owner may still haunt the cellar of the centuries-old site.

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