Higgypop Creator Chats To Weird Tales Radio Show

July 18, 2019 9:50 PM ‐ Radio
Higgypop.com creator, Steve Higgins, features in this week's edition of the Weird Tales Radio Show, hosted by Charles Christian.

The show is right up Steve's street as it features news and stories relating to ghosts, geek, magick, folklore, urban myths and witchcraft - a perfect mix of the unusual. Its host, Charles, is a barrister and Reuters correspondent turned writer, podcaster, radio presenter. Apparently he also sometimes hunts werewolves too.

In the episode Steve is described as a "leading paranormal news blogger and haunted house investigator" and joins Charles to speak about his website, Higgypop and the paranormal research courses he provides via Paralearning.

Also in the episode, Charles' co-host Janie looks at the case of a fake haunting, perhaps one of the oldest newsworthy hoaxes that took place in Scotland in 1737. Charles also investigates practical magick in the form of hagstones and iron good luck charms.

Still on the subject of magick and witch craft, Charles talks a simple spell reversal techniques and discusses the question, is the way to deal with a ghost to beat it with a stick?

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