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Love Heart Calculator
Find out the name of your dream partner with this free psychic love match predictor. Simply enter your details below and using the sciences of love tarot and astrology, we will tell you the name, age, location and details of your future boyfriend or girlfriend.

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How It Works

Most online psychic love prediction websites ask for your email address and personal details in order to generate a love match calculation, but our love calculator is completely free to use.

This perfect love match psychic calculator tool requires no sign up, no registration and no email address. Our automate love scoring system is based on tried and tested astrological and compatibility scoring algorithms forged in the minds of mediums and used for generations. In order to generate your custom love match, we do require a little information.

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All you need to tell us is your name, sex, the sex you are interested in, date of birth, country of birth and your life long wish. We'll then user this data to generate your personal psychic love reading.

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