'Annabelle Comes Home' Voted Best Paranormal Movie Of 2019

December 09, 2019 9:02 PM ‐ ParanormalAwardsMovies

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Annabelle Comes Home
'Annabelle Comes Home' has been voted the Best Paranormal Movie of the last twelve months in the second annual Paranormal Entertainment Awards.

Based in 'The Conjuring' universe, the latest movie is the third spin-off to feature the terrifying cursed doll that was at the centre of one of Ed and Lorraine Warrens real-life cases, and follows on from a 2018 win for 'The Nun' - also part of t'The Conjuring' franchise.

The movie was awarded gold after topping its category and fighting off tough competition from fellow-nominees 'Child's Play', 'Pet Sematary', 'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark' and the disturbing 'It Chapter Two', which picked up the silver award.

'Annabelle Comes Home' is the sixth in the franchise overall, but the third in the Annabelle series and follows on from the 2017 origins movie, 'Annabelle: Creation' and serves as a direct sequel to 2014's 'Annabelle'.

The supernatural horror film brought the cursed doll's story back in line with the main universe's plot, which revolves around husband-and-wife paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine, portrayed by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga.

The movie is directed by Gary Dauberman, making his directorial debut, with the screenplay by Dauberman and the story co-written with James Wan, who also produced the film with Peter Safran.

This new Annabelle movie isn't the last we'll hear from 'The Conjuring' franchise, there's already several movies in production including 'The Conjuring 3' which is due for release in 2020. The movie is thought to be about the story of Arne Cheyenne Johnson who killed his landlord in 1981. The case was the topic of the 1983 book, 'The Devil In Connecticut'.

In total, almost 60,000 votes were cast as fans of the paranormal picked their favourite paranormal content creators, publishers and hosts of 2019 across the 15 categories, including everything from individual ghost hunter, through to movies, TV shows and haunted locations.

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