Welcome To The 2020 Awards

The third annual Higgypop Paranormal Entertainment Awards will recognise the best paranormal content creators, supernatural movies, ghost hunting television show and more.

The awards celebrate all forms of content created for traditional broadcast, online streaming, social and print, as well as celebrating the stars and creators of that content.

Last year's shortlist included some of the most popular paranormal reality television shows of the year and the best paranormal movies, as well the best paranormal investigators of the last twelve months and podcasts causing a stir in the paranormal world.

Nominations Open In...

Nominations Open On October 1st

We want your help to compile our shortlist. At the beginning of October we'll announce our 2020 award categories and you can tell us who you think should be nominated.

The categories include everything from content categories covering television, streaming platforms and YouTube, through to independent documentaries and mainstream movies. You can nominate your favourite programme, film or team, so long as the content was released between November 1st, 2019 to October 31st, 2020.

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