2019 Awards Announcement Is Coming...

The second annual Higgypop Paranormal Entertainment Awards will recognise the best paranormal content creators, publishers, hosts and broadcasters of 2019.

The awards celebrate all forms of content created for traditional broadcast, online streaming, social and print, as well as celebrating the stars and creators of that content.

Last year's shortlist included some of the most popular paranormal reality television shows of the year and the best supernatural movies, as well the best paranormal investigators of the last twelve months and podcasts causing a stir in the paranormal world.

2018 Winners

Last year, we asked you to vote for your favourite paranormal entertainment of 2018. We received over 40,000 votes across the 11 categories, including everything from individual ghost hunter categories, through to movies, TV shows and television channels.

The term "episode" in the category description can refer to either a television show, podcast episode or web series episode. The episode or work must have been released between November 1st, 2017 to October 31st, 2018.

Thanks for taking the time to vote for your favourite paranormal content of the last twelve months and be sure to check back soon for the results.

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