2023 Psychic Challenge: Submit Your Predictions For The Coming Year

January 16, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Psychic Readings
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There has already been some interesting premonitions about 2023, including a global food shortages and a major cosmic event, but before we get too deep into 2023, we went to invite soothsayers to submit their predictions for the coming year.

We are interested in any predictions you might have about global events, political developments, natural disasters, or any other noteworthy happenings that you believe will occur in 2023. Perhaps you have some thoughts or feelings about unplanned or unforeseen events such as natural disasters, political upheavals and technological breakthroughs that might occur and shape the course of the year.

Making predictions about the future, especially those that are specific and detailed, is a difficult task, and even establish clairvoyants make mistakes. But, if you're looking to fire up your psychic abilities, then there a few things you can try including using tarot cards, astrology or gut instinct to make your predictions.

Perhaps you're not psychic at all but think you can rise to the challenge and beat the psychics. If this is the case, then feel free to base your predictions on research and historical data, current trends, and expert opinions on current affairs to make an informed prediction. If you do take this more scientific and evidence-based approach, then let us know how you formulated your predictions.

So, if you fancy yourself as a fortune teller, a seer or a prophet, then submit your predictions by completing the form below. Please include your name and any relevant credentials, as well as whether you consider yourself to have psychic abilities or not. Your predictions can relate to just one specific event, or feel free to send as much detail as you can about future events.

The submission form will remain open throughout the year, but obviously we will only include predictions about future events that are yet to occur at the time of submission. We will be compiling and publishing the predictions we receive at the end of the year and finding out just how many of these claims came true.

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