Psychic's Predictions For 2023 Include Food Shortages, More World Conflicts & A Major Cosmic Event

November 24, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ Psychic Readings

This article is more than one year old and was last updated in February 2024.

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British psychic, Craig Hamilton-Parker, has revealed a series of predictions that he expects to come true over the next 12 months. His insights include more world conflicts and instability between nations, a global shortage of food and a cosmic event in our Solar System that could cause problems here on Earth.

The psychic is well-known for his annual prediction videos and last year correctly predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth. He accurately stated, "I think she will make it past her platinum jubilee, which comes up this year, but I think after that, we'll see a sudden and quick deterioration in the Queen's health."

It's been a rough few years and Craig says there is light at the end of the tunnel, but we're not quite there yet. In his 2023 psychic predictions video he told viewers, "I think 2023 and 2024 are both going to be very challenging years still, but I think this is the last two years of real hard difficulty that we're going to see, because my feeling is that after 2024 and particularly into 2025 the problems of the world will start to ease very much at that time."

Craig made his latest predictions in a series of videos, which can be found on his YouTube channel. Craig covers off everything from glimpses into the future of world economy, increased social division in Britain, falling house prices, and what the future holds for Harry and Megan. He said, "I see Meghan Markle having her own television show." He added, "I'm seeing a sort of an Oprah Winfrey style chat show of her own in which she is the host and she is doing the interviews."

But Craig's main revelation in the video series was a warning of global food shortages. He said, "the most important is going to be food shortages," which he says will "sadly, bring about famine in the third world. but also great hardship everywhere."

Craig partially puts the shortages down to the on going conflict in the Ukraine, but says that crop failures and fish stocks will also be a contributing factor. Craig explained, "I feel we're going to get a lot of crop failures in 2023. Already there's been signs of this, to be honest."

He continued, "there has been quite bad weather events around already, but I get the feeling that these weather events are going to get worse, which is likely with global warming."

He goes on to warn that 2023 is going to be a "particularly bad year for all things to do with crops and also fish stocks." Craig mentions that we currently have some cases of avian flu in the UK, but says, "I feel we're going to get some form of cattle illness that's also going to add to these problems."

As for the Ukraine conflict, Craig says this will continue, but says he thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin will eventually lose power. Craig predicted this would be down to, "a tumour or something like that, and I feel that it may work itself out in 2023 and we may see the death of Putin."

However, Craig doesn't feel that the demise of Putin will necessarily bring an end to the conflict and warns that something bad will happen in December. He said, "Russia could use a dirty sort of bomb, not a nuclear bomb like we know it but some form of spreading of nuclear material or doing something with maybe one of the nuclear power stations and faking up perhaps a nuclear release."

Continuing on the subject of military conflict, Craig predicts "it's not going to settle down, it's going to get worse I feel," and added that there may well be new troubles in the Middle East, including a sudden and unexpected Israeli attack on an Iranian nuclear power station. There's actually only one operating nuclear power reactor in Iran known as Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, so if Craig is right, this would be the target.

Of course financially we're not in a great state right now, something Craig acknowledges, "we've already got the signs of recession," but he goes on, "I feel that we're going to see bigger and bigger recessions, and so I predict that this is going to be an extremely difficult year for anything to do with all areas of money, including house prices falling through the floor."
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Interestingly, Craig also talked about what he described as a "major cosmic event" that he thinks will take place in our Solar System in 2023. He said, "I have a feeling of something like a very a huge solar flare, and I feel this would be significant, whether that reaches the Earth or whether it affects all of our technology or something like that." He clarified, "I can't explain exactly what it is, you know I can't see everything, I see parts of things, I get feelings of things."

Last October Craig uncannily predicted that Prince Charles, as he was known then, would be hit by an egg some time in 2022, something that did indeed come true in November when eggs were thrown at the now King. Speaking in this year's prediction video, Craig said, "I think Prince Charles will make quite a good King, actually. I see him as being a reforming King. I see him considerably reforming the royal family."

However, Craig said he feels that King Charle's coronation could be dogged by a problem relating to the Stone of Scone, also known as the Stone of Destiny, which plays a role in the coronation ceremony. Craig said he saw "something odd" happening with the stone. He added, "I just felt as if something was going to happen, like there was some form of protest or someone trying to steal it, or something happening associated with the stone. And it's all tied in with this idea of Scottish nationalism."

Still on the subject of the royal family, Craig predicts that Prince Andrew will have some kind of psychological breakdown and that one royal will be involved in an accident in the form of a "very serious fall."

Craig also predicted that in 2023 we're going to see "a gradual turning away from these overtly political correct agendas and also a decline in the media's focus on promoting woke and LGBT ideas." Whether this prediction comes true or not is one thing, but what's worrying is that Craig went on to say, "those ideas have been very helpful to the world on many levels, but I think in some respects have neglected the family concept," as if implying that a family can't be made up of a same-sex couple.

Only time will tell how many of Craig's predictions will come true over the next 12 months, but the psychic often continues to revise and elaborate on his predictions throughout the year. To keep up with his insights, you can subscribe to Craig on YouTube.

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