The Best Of The Paranormal World 2023

Ghostwatch Michael Parkinson

As we turn the page on another year in the world of the paranormal, 2023 has proven to be a year of heartfelt goodbyes and thrilling new beginnings in this ever-evolving realm. This year, the paranormal community bid farewell to influential figures like Michael Parkinson, known for hosting 'Ghostwatch', Peter Usborne, whose 'The World of the Unknown' series ignited the curiosity of many aspiring ghost hunters, and William Friedkin, the mastermind behind the chilling classic, 'The Exorcist'. Yet, the spirit of these icons lived on through new ventures, including the cinema release of 'The Exorcist: Believer', a fresh take on the enduring franchise.

The year also saw the series 'Spooked Ireland', featuring Vogue Williams and Chris Fleming, take viewers on a journey through Ireland's most haunted locations. Fans of ghostly encounters were further entertained by new seasons of 'Help! My House Is Haunted' and its celebrity edition. Ian Lawman also embarked on his own solo adventure, 'The Yorkshire Exorcist' for Halloween.

In a surprise twist, Kylie Minogue graced a special 'Ghosts' episode for BBC's Children In Need. Meanwhile, the UFO phenomenon garnered unprecedented attention, with the US government conducting a landmark hearing on the subject.

At Higgypop, our commitment to bringing you the latest in ghostly news, insightful reviews, and practical ghost hunting tips remained unwavering. Steve Higgins, the mind behind Higgypop, ventured into filmmaking with 'My Ghost Hunting Movie'. This gripping documentary, chronicling Steve's solo investigation at the Ancient Ram Inn, garnered six awards at the Fortean Film Festival, including Best Documentary (Feature).

2023 also marked a significant year for Danny Robins' 'Uncanny' podcast. Not only did fans enjoy two new series and a special Christmas episode, but 'Uncanny' also expanded its horizons with the release of the book 'Into The Uncanny', a TV adaptation, and a national stage tour. The 'Most Haunted' team, after over two decades of ghost hunting, embarked on a UK-wide tour, sharing their most memorable experiences and even conducting live investigations in historic theatres.
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