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Best Paranormal Books Of 2023
Time to expand your paranormal book collection with out list of books on the subject from the past 12 months, offering a mix of factual and fictional titles. You'll find detailed accounts of ghostly hauntings, insights into psychical research, and enthralling supernatural tales. Whether you're a seasoned paranormal enthusiast or new to the genre, these picks promise to enhance your understanding of the unexplained and provide engaging reads.

'Paranormal Cardiff' - Mark Rees

Mark Rees - Paranormal Cardiff

In 'Paranormal Cardiff', Mark Rees, a seasoned journalist in Welsh arts and culture, delves into the supernatural aspects of Cardiff, one of the world's most haunted cities. The book, part of Amberley's Paranormal series, explores ghostly theatres, castles with vengeful spirits, haunted manor houses, and even ghost stories linked to Cardiff's sports stadium and the streets of Llandaff. Mark's journey also uncovers lesser-known hauntings and modern paranormal cases, including a séance conducted by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the antics of a poltergeist named Pete.

'Hauntings: A Book Of Ghosts & Where To Find Them' - Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver - Hauntings

Neil Oliver, renowned for his work on British coasts, explores ghostly realms in his new book, 'Hauntings: A Book Of Ghosts & Where To Find Them'. Bringing his archaeological background and journalistic rigor, Neil delves into a range of British hauntings, from the notorious Pendle Hill to the enigmatic Wistman's Wood. He balances gripping storytelling with a skeptic's perspective, examining not just ghost stories but also the folklore and history behind them. Locations like Glamis Castle, Raynham Hall, and Mary King's Close are featured, each with their unique, eerie tales. Neil, despite his eagerness to encounter the paranormal, remains a skeptic due to his lack of personal experiences with ghosts. His book offers a comprehensive and balanced exploration of these haunting tales, appealing to both believers and skeptics alike.

'The Elements of Epping Forest' - Penny Griffiths-Morgan

Penny Griffiths-Morgan - Elements Of Epping Forest

In 'The Elements Of Epping Forest', Penny Griffiths-Morgan explores Epping Forest through a blend of paranormal and historical lenses. Drawing on her Essex roots and her experience as a local historian on the TV show 'Help! My House Is Haunted', Penny presents the forest as a storied entity, rich in royal, criminal, and supernatural narratives. The book is structured around the four classical elements, linking them to different aspects of the forest's history and mysteries. Penny delves into the forest's past, from Queen Boudica's era to World War narratives, intertwining these with myths and paranormal tales. She remains skeptical but open to the forest's mysterious energy, balancing the narrative to engage both enthusiasts and skeptics. The book includes personal paranormal investigation experiences, detailed historical accounts of tragedies and crimes, and a look at the forest's portrayal in literature. Penny's approach blends history and the supernatural, appealing to readers interested in both fields.

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'Into The Uncanny' - Danny Robins

Danny Robins - Into The Uncanny

In 'Into The Uncanny', Danny Robins, celebrated for his BBC Sounds podcast 'Uncanny', takes readers deeper into the paranormal with four new, thoroughly examined cases. Known for captivating storytelling that resonates with both skeptics and believers, Danny infuses the book with thoughtful analysis and his unique humor. 'Into The Uncanny' reflects on Danny's career in paranormal podcasting and introduces cases beyond the constraints of his podcast episodes. These include a director's eerie experience in a 'misbehaving kitchen' in Rome, mysterious phantom horse sounds in Aversham, a spine-chilling Ouija board prediction, and an enigmatic extraterrestrial sighting in Middlesbrough. Danny's exploration goes deep, drawing on historical parallels and theories such as the Stone Tape Theory and Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), making the book a rich and intriguing read for anyone fascinated by the paranormal world.

'Women Of The Paranormal' - Alex Matsuo

Alex Matsuo - Women of the Paranormal Volume I

In 'Women Of The Paranormal Volume I: A Brief History', author and paranormal investigator Alex Matsuo highlights the significant yet often overlooked contributions of women to paranormal and psychical research. As the founder of the Association of Paranormal Study, Alex is well-versed in the field and uses her expertise to profile influential women in paranormal history. The book features prominent figures like Eleanor Sidgwick, a founding member of the Society for Psychical Research, and Lorraine Warren, known for her investigations of the Amityville Horror and the Annabelle doll. It also sheds light on lesser-known contributors like Eileen Garrett, a scientifically studied medium, and Louisa Rhine, a pioneer in parapsychology. Alex's goal is to make paranormal history accessible to all readers, from novices to seasoned investigators, and to inspire more women to engage in paranormal investigating. By focusing on these women's stories, Alex seeks to educate readers about their pivotal roles and encourage further exploration and recognition of women's contributions to the field.

'Paranormal Northumberland' - Rob Kirkup

Paranormal Northumberland - Rob Kirkup

In 'Paranormal Northumberland', Rob Kirkup, a well-known local author and ghost hunter, delves into the ghostly lore and spectral history of Northumberland, a British county rich in myths and ancient mysteries. The book presents a collection of eerie tales and paranormal incidents from Northumberland's historical landmarks, including haunted castles, open spaces, and sacred sites. Featured stories include the haunting of Bamburgh Castle by a green lady, the ghostly presence of John Sage at Chillingham Castle, and the Schooner Hotel, reputedly haunted by sixty ghosts. 'Paranormal Northumberland' is an illustrated exploration of the county's ghostly inhabitants and paranormal phenomena, making it a fascinating read for those interested in the supernatural. Rob Kirkup's expertise, gained from over fifty paranormal investigations and several published works, solidifies the book as an authoritative guide to the region's haunted heritage. The book is part of Amberley's 'Paranormal' series and is available in various formats for those eager to uncover the chilling secrets of Northumberland.

'Alone At The Inn' - Steve Higgins

Alone At The Inn - Steve Higgins

In 'Alone At The Inn', Steve Higgins, founder of Higgypop.com, recounts his unique solo investigation of the Ancient Ram Inn in Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, documented in his film 'My Ghost Hunting Movie'. The book delves into Steve's unconventional methods during his overnight stay at one of Britain's most haunted locations. The Ancient Ram Inn, dating back to the 13th century and later becoming a pub in 1820, is renowned for its deep history and paranormal activity. Steve's approach was more about exploring the inn's phenomena rather than proving the supernatural. He employed various techniques, including a DJ set for the spirits, CCTV cameras with night vision, a toy robot for gesture recognition, and a spirit box. The book also touches on the inn's history, from its preservation by John Humphries since 1968 to its current status under his daughter Caroline's care. Steve's experiments and vigils, including a media blackout focusing on personal experiences, offer a fresh perspective on ghost hunting at this storied location.

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'The Witches of Pendle (The Ghost Hunter Chronicles)' - Yvette Fielding

Yvette Fielding - The Witches of Pendle: The Ghost Hunter Chronicles

Yvette Fielding, a television ghost hunter and author, brings a new adventure in her children's series 'The Ghost Hunter Chronicles', with the third book titled 'The Witches of Pendle'. This installment intertwines the historical witch trials of Pendle in 1612 with a modern narrative, where a family's disturbance of a witch's bottle in their new Pendle house unleashes the spirits of those persecuted during the notorious witch hunts. The young heroes, Eve, Clovis, and Tom, guided by Professor Rufus, face the challenge of battling these vengeful spirits, aiming to prevent them from possessing the descendants of their persecutors. Inspired by Yvette's own harrowing experience during a live broadcast from Pendle Hill in 2004, the book draws on the eerie atmosphere and reported unexplained phenomena from that investigation. 'The Ghost Hunter Chronicles: The Witches of Pendle' combines real-life paranormal experiences with fiction, continuing the series' thrilling escapades for young readers.

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'Haunted Auckland' - Mark Wallbank

'Haunted Auckland' - Mark Wallbank

Explore the eerie and enigmatic haunted locations of Auckland city, New Zealand's largest urban area, through a book that delves into its paranormal past and present. This comprehensive guide compiles stories, urban legends, and firsthand accounts from various regions of Auckland. The content is meticulously sourced from the case file archives of Paranormal New Zealand, enriched with field notes and authentic eyewitness reports from individuals who have encountered unexplained phenomena in these spooky sites. This book is designed to captivate a wide range of readers, from skeptics to firm believers in the paranormal, sparking curiosity and debates. It promises to provide an eyebrow-raising journey filled with chilling discoveries, making it an intriguing read for anyone interested in the mysterious aspects of Auckland's haunted history.

'The PSI Mind In Action' - Robert A. Charman

'The PSI Mind In Action' - Robert A. Charman

In 'The PSI Mind in Action', Robert A. Charman delves into the remarkable capabilities of the human mind to influence the physical world. This book builds on Charman's previous work, exploring phenomena such as hands-on healing, psychokinesis, poltergeist activities, and map dowsing. It presents compelling evidence, including experiments showing mice with fatal cancer tumors recovering fully through healing, and EEG studies indicating synchrony between healer and patient brainwaves. The book also discusses the impact of group Transcendental Meditation on crime rates and community well-being, intriguing cases of poltergeist activities linked to mental activities, and extraordinary instances of psychokinetic phenomena, including an experiment where a table moved and levitated due to collective mental energy. Additionally, it covers verified out-of-body experiences, the mysterious disappearance and reappearance of objects, and a case of successful map dowsing for a stolen harp. Charman suggests these phenomena indicate a need to reevaluate our understanding of the mind's interaction with the physical world, highlighting our potential to actively influence and change outcomes.

'The Killamarsh Poltergeist' - Steve Higgins

Steve Higgins - The Killamarsh Poltergeist

Hazel and Gary Price, a typical couple from Killamarsh, North East Derbyshire, experienced a series of bewildering and unexplained phenomena in their otherwise ordinary home. Their book recounts this historic poltergeist case, devoid of typical Hollywood horror clichés, yet filled with authentic, unsettling events. The Prices' story takes readers through a journey of strange occurrences in their home, including moving objects and elusive shadowy figures. The narrative delves into the psychological impact of these experiences, examining both skeptical explanations and paranormal theories. While not a tale crafted to terrify, it presents a thought-provoking exploration of the mysterious, prompting readers to ponder the possibility of their own homes becoming the setting for inexplicable events. The book leaves an enduring question: if such phenomena could disrupt the lives of the Prices, could it happen to anyone?

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'Weirdly Queer' - Ken Summers

'Weirdly Queer' - Ken Summers

'Weirdly Queer' by Ken Summers is a groundbreaking exploration of the LGBTQ perspective in the context of paranormal, occult, and mysterious phenomena. The book delves into the historical presence and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals in fringe research and unexplained events. Ken examines a wide range of topics, from the early days of the Society for Psychical Research and Spiritualist mediums with sexual undertones to accounts of lesbian alien abductees, encounters with sexually aggressive cryptids, and queer Hippie witches. This narrative reveals the often overlooked queer stories embedded within the enigmatic and astonishing aspects of our world. It highlights how gender expressions transcend biological limitations and emphasizes that the true monsters may lie hidden within the darker aspects of humanity. 'Weirdly Queer' offers a unique retelling of these stories, bringing them to the forefront and shedding light on the queer dimensions of the paranormal and mysterious.

'Haunted Britain' - Kyle Falcon

'Haunted Britain' - Kyle Falcon

In 'Haunted Britain: Spiritualism, Psychical Research and the Great War', Kyle Falcon explores the profound psychological and supernatural impact of the Great War on the British Empire. The book examines how shell-shocked soldiers experienced waking nightmares filled with ghastly figures, reliving the war's horrors. It also delves into the cultural response, with modernist writers condemning the war as a desecrating experience. Despite this, many soldiers and their families turned to spiritualism, engaging in séances, seeking solace in prophecies, and reporting ghostly visions in dreams and photographs. On the battlefields, soldiers often attributed their survival to supernatural forces, experiencing premonitions and believing in angelic or psychic intervention. For a significant number, the war became an 'enchanting' experience that reinforced the existence of another world and the transcendental capabilities of the mind. The book narrates how, between 1914 and 1939, ghosts and spiritual experiences occupied the minds of British subjects as they grappled with the unprecedented scale of death and its impact on their communities.

'Probing Parapsychology' - Grant R. Shafer

'Probing Parapsychology' - Grant R. Shafer

'Probing Parapsychology: Essays on a Controversial Science' by Grant R. Shafer offers an in-depth exploration of parapsychology, a field often mired in controversy due to its focus on phenomena like extrasensory perception, psychokinesis, and concepts suggesting life after death. These phenomena, collectively referred to as "psi", challenge the prevailing notion of physicalism, the belief that all aspects of reality can be fully explained through physics. The book presents a collection of essays by authors from various academic backgrounds, providing a comprehensive overview of the parapsychological field. It traces the evolution of parapsychology from its roots in prehistory, through its establishment by intellectuals opposed to physicalism, to its current postmodern state. The essays include both experimental and theoretical analyses of parapsychological phenomena. This book positions parapsychology as a potentially revolutionary science that may shift the dominant philosophical paradigms of science since Newton and offers insights for readers intrigued by the spiritual dimensions often dismissed by contemporary scientific discourse.

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