Psychic's Predictions For 2024 Include A Russia-China Alliance, Global Cyberattacks & Australian Fires

November 17, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Psychic Readings
Australian Fires
British psychic, Craig Hamilton-Parker, shared his psychic insight for 2024, with a series of predictions that he expects to come true over the next 12 months. His foretelling of tomorrow's news today included a Russia-China alliance, crippling global cyberattacks, earthquakes, terror attacks, and devastating fires in Australia.

The psychic is well-known for his annual prediction videos, and 12 months ago predicted that this year would bring more world conflicts and instability between nations, a global shortage of food, and a cosmic event in our solar system that could cause problems here on Earth.

Craig is normally pretty accurate, even predicting the death of the Queen a year before, but it's fair to say that last year's predictions have failed to resonate with what has unfolded this year. Of course, there have been more conflicts and instability between nations, but Craig didn't specifically mention the Israel-Gaza war. In particular, one of his predictions was that Russia would use a power station as a dirty bomb.

Thankfully, this atrocity didn't materialise, but Craig states in the two-hour video, "Things can be changed, prayers can be answered, positive thought can influence the outcome." He adds that sometimes he sees things with clarity, but he admits that sometimes he's off the mark.

Craig started off by telling viewers that his insights were longterm forecasts: "The predictions here are going to be kind of 2024, probably round to about 2026." Looking ahead to that three-year period, Craig said, "I think after 2026 we're going to see some very positive things starting to happen in the world, but up until then, I feel it's still a rocky path."

One of those positives could be a cure for cancer, which Craig predicts will happen in the next three years. He explained, "This is all going to be tied in with artificial intelligence, and I feel that something major is going to be discovered straight away in 2024."

Then he got stuck in with his first insight: "Back in 2015, I started to say that I saw that Russia and China would form an alliance, and this is beginning to happen. So one of my first predictions is about this Russian and China alliance, which I think is very important at the moment."

Craig said, "I said at the time that the Russian economy would be seen to shrink over the coming years and would do an arms deal with China, and sadly, that's beginning to happen, particularly over the Ukraine."

It could be said that a Russia-China alliance is already starting to form. Although they have no formal alliance yet, the two countries do have an informal agreement to coordinate diplomatic and economic moves and build up an alliance against the United States. Craig thinks this agreement will be formalised and made more official in the next 12 months, allowing Russia to benefit from Chinese military help and creating a new market for China.

Craig also predicts that in 2024 we're going to see a "significant" amount of cyberattacks around the world. He explains, "We're going to see spyware, a big spyware release will happen." He adds that this will come inadvertently through Japan by hijacking gaming software. He continues, "There's something going to happen that will bring down some banking systems."

Craig thinks that 2024 could be a year of natural disasters. "I feel that America is going to get quite a big earthquake, and it'll go all along the west coast and as far as Mexico City." Craig added that he feels there will also be a significant quake in Italy in the coming months.

The psychic also predicts "big floods" in London and Europe, with Germany particularly affected. He clarified, "I see quite a lot of overwhelming flooding coming through Europe and the UK as well." But more worrying still is Craig's claim about another tsunami, which he predicts will wreak havoc some time in the next three years. He explained, "This time it's in the Pacific, and I saw the Australian coast affected."

From floods to fire, sticking with Australia, Craig says there will be "quite large fires" in the capital. "I saw the capital Canberra, fires around that area in fire season, that seemed to be a particularly bad time."

Troubles with the economy will continue into 2024. "I feel 2024 will be a very bad year for the world's economy generally. There will be a weak dollar and a very volatile stock market over this period." Craig also predicts that oil prices will soar and there will be an oil shortage. He also warns against a shift in the stability of cryptocurrency coming in March.

The next part of Craig's video focuses on the coming months in the United States. Craig starts by stating, "I predict that Trump will win the November 2024 election," but warns there may be some attempts made to stop or delay the election, which could involve some kind of crisis around Joe Biden.

Despite a close victory in the polls and Craig's prediction that Trump won't go to jail, the re-elected president may face some issues with his health. Craig said, "There's a sort of a health scare for him," but added that this won't stop him. He also predicted an attempt on one of the presidential candidates lives.

As for the current president, Joe Biden, Craig says, "I predict something very dark happens to President Joe Biden. What I'm seeing is, he's in effect been pulled from power, sacked as it were, and quite close to the election time." Although Craig adds that he's not sure if this is "symbolic or actual," he says either way it will be disruptive.

Still talking about the US, Craig talks about the potential of Islamic terror attacks, including a hijacking of air transport. He added, "I saw a rocket of some sort, so could there be an attempt to shoot down a passenger plane at an airport?" Craig says there will also be a terror attack in Canada that will affect a sporting event.

Here in the UK, where the UK election is likely to dominate the news in 2024, Craig says, "The first prediction I want to make about this is, Rishi Sunak will cease to be the prime minister in 2024," but feels this change could occur even before the election because Craig says there will be a number of big disruptions beforehand.

Craig predicts a rise in tension between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, he clarified, "That relationship will ultimately result in a divorce." Speaking about Meghan, the psychic added, "I feel she's going to be exposed for telling lies, perhaps in secret recordings or something like that."

"Stay away from London," Craig warns. "I see lots of troubles in London." The psychic says this could include terrorist attacks during busy shopping times, such as Christmas.

Last year, Craig predicted the death of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He put this down to "a tumour or something like that, and I feel that it may work itself out in 2023 and we may see the death of Putin." With six weeks of the year remaining, it seems unlikely that Putin will die this year, but in Craig's latest video, he maintains that Putin's death is "imminent."

Only time will tell how many of Craig's predictions will come true over the next 12 months, but the psychic often continues to revise and elaborate on his predictions throughout the year. To keep up with his insights, you can subscribe to Craig on YouTube.

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