EVP Quiz: Test Your Electronic Voice Phenomenon Knowledge

November 06, 2021 1:00 AM ‐ GamesParanormalGhost Hunting
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Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) are the mysterious sound of disembodied human-like voices of unknown origin that are heard through electronic devices. They are usually heard in the form of sounds imprinted on an audio recording or through radio noise.

The field of EVP research covers a vast amount of knowledge and practical skills, back by a long history of experimentation, but how much do you know about the methods and equipment currently used by paranormal investigators and the history of EVP?

Test your knowledge of electronic voice phenomenon with the 20 questions below in our tricky EVP trivia quiz.

1. EVP is a form of ITC, but what do the initials ITC stand for?

2. What do the acronym DVP stand for?

3. Which of these types of voice phenomenon are only heard using electrical equipment?

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4. EVPs may not have a consciousness behind them if they are the result of which type of haunting?

5. If a voice in an EVP answers an investigator's specific question, this is called what?

6. Which of these is a possible explanation of the source of the voices in EVPs?

7. American inventor Thomas Edison thought it might be possible to build an apparatus which could be operated by what?

8. Who founded the Association Transcommunication (ATransC)?

9. What was the special diode used by EVP researcher Konstantin Raudive made of?

10. In which country did Marcello Bacci give his public demonstrations of EVP?

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11. What was Friedrich Jürgenson actually trying to record when he capture his first EVP?

12. If the source of a voice has an awareness/consciousness that can understand your questions, it is which type of haunting?

13. Which of these do analogue devices use as their storage medium?

14. Which of this is NOT a type of audio editing software?

15. Which of these recording features should you always use on your audio recorder?

16. When recording EVPs with a smart phone what should you always do?

17. Which of these pieces of kit might you specifically need for a realtime or 'listen live' EVP session?

18. When ranking EVPs A, B or C, which of these classifying systems is the most commonly used today?

19. Who is the KM EVP classification scale named after?

20. Which of these is generally true of a 'Class A' EVP?


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