Watch The Trailer For 'Exorcist Vengeance'

February 13, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalMovies
Exorcist Vengeance
Check out the trailer for 'Exorcist Vengeance', the new possession horror movie from directors Scott Jeffrey and Rebecca Matthews starring Steven Berkoff.

After a death in a prominent family, a grieving household find themselves terrorised by a murderous demonic force, the Vatican calls upon a tough priest with a troubled past to root out the evil. The gun-wielding clergymen soon realises he's dealing with an ancient evil and that the solution to saving the family is tied to his own dark past.

You can watch the minute-long, creepy trailer below, which shows the moment when one elderly family member becomes infested by the evil that lurks in the house.

'Exorcist Vengeance' is packed full of everything you'd expect from a possession movie, including seeing those possessed project gruff inhuman voices, levitate, violently contort and recoil at the site of a crucifix. Plus authentic rituals and an exorcism.

Away from the supernatural elements, the film plays out like a paranormal-themed murder mystery as the true identity of a killer responsible for several related deaths is uncovered.

The movie was released in the USA on February 8 and also stars Robert Bronzi, Nicola Wright and Sarah Alexandra Marks.

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