Former Airport In Bristol Haunted By Air Ministry Officer

November 17, 2015 6:44 PM ‐ ParanormalWeird BristolGhosts

This article is more than eight years old and was last updated in February 2017.

The ghost of an officer is often seen at Hengrove Park, the site of a former airport in Whitchurch, Bristol where there was reportedly a crash during the Second World War.

Hengrove Park
The ghost of an officer is often seen on the site of a former airport where there was reportedly a crash during the Second World War.

Whitchurch Airport was originally Bristol main airport but was taken over by the Air Ministry during the war, there are stories of a crash which left an airman dead and locals say he still wanders around the park today.

Ian from Bristol told his experience at the site, "a group of friends witnessed a strange figure of a man dressed in badly burnt clothing on Whitchurch airport back in the early 1980s. It was when the airport still had an old hanger close to the houses at the bottom of the runway, I can still remember that summer evening to this date, we were mucking around close to the hanger next to the cycle track it was when the grass was in big mounds of mud as the council were preparing the grass for football pitches, we saw this person behind us stood on top of the mounds of mud in badly damaged clothing and it scared all of us to death, we ran so quickly and I fell but luckily an older friend picked me up and I can remember the figure about 30 feet behind us, just disappeared in to thin air. I know this is correct as every one of us saw this strange man."

Bex also had a spooky experience at Hengrove Park, "I used to work in the Wessex Flyer during my time there were a number of very strange things the smell of fresh tobacco in the conservatory place settings and cups and saucers moved/thrown around after the pub was shut, whilst cleaning down the bar after closing a whole row of glass fell off the shelf and ashtrays pushed off the bar. The pub was built on the sight of the old hangers."

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