Ghost Hunting Equipment Quiz

November 19, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ GamesParanormalGhost Hunting
Ghost Hunting Equipment Quiz
Test your knowledge of the paranormal and the tools used to investigate it with our tricky ghost hunting equipment quiz, which has been carefully crafted to challenge your understanding and perhaps introduce you to some intriguing new gadgets.

You might be familiar with some of these devices from popular paranormal TV shows or perhaps from your own ghostly adventures. From EMF meters to Spirit Boxes, this quiz covers a range of equipment that has become synonymous with ghost hunting.

1. What was the K-II meter first designed as?

2. An SLS camera display anomalies in its field of view as stick figures, but what does SLS stand for?

3. Cat balls are often used during ghost hunts, but what causes them to flash?

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4. Which of these are NOT one of the functions built into an EDI+ meter?

5. Which of these is a paranormal multi-tool with a REM-Pod built in?

6. Which of these is NOT a device that audibly announce words that are claimed to be communicated by spirits?

7. Which of these is a type of device that can measure ambient electromagnetic fields?

8. What does a geophone measure?

9. The Estes Method is a sensory deprivation experiment that involves wearing headphones and using which piece of equipment?

10. Which of these frequencies of light can a night vision camera see?

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11. Which frequency of light can a full spectrum camera see that a regular night vision camera cannot?

12. Which of these tools do ghost hunters use to help them spot movement in the dark?

13. Which of these is a device that some use to add energy into the environment during a ghost hunt?

14. The EDI meter and it's successor the EDI+ are commonly used on investigations, but what does EDI stand for?

15. Which of these is a popular make of thermal imaging camera?

16. A P-SB11 is a model of what type of ghost hunting device?

17. Which investigator appeared on British television using a device he'd built himself to capture spirit voices using scalar waves?

18. How many lights does a K-II meter have?

19. Which of these is a type of electronic speech synthesis device that has a bank of phonetic sounds?

20. What is the name given to an artificial rock-shape device from Japan that is said to light up when in the presence of a spirit?


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