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This article is more than eight years old and was last updated in September 2020.

Eight months ago I learnt about a very exciting new product, it's called GhostArk and aims to be the world's first all-in-one ghost hunting equipment. Since I first saw it, I've been counting down to its release but if the truth be told, I've been dreaming of and counting down to owning a device like this since I was a kid and my nine-year-old self would never forgive me if I didn't buy.

Ghost Detector

Current Status: No Longer Available

GhostArk, which will let users discover and record paranormal occurrences as easily as turning a knob, has been designed and built for ghost hunters, paranormal investigators and enthusiasts.

Massimo Rossi, the founder of the Italian five-man team behind the device, originally announced that the ETA of GhostArk was summer 2015, it was later pushed back to quarter four of 2015 but it has now been confirmed that units will be shipped between January 20th and 30th.

I pre-ordered my GhostArk at a discounted rate before Halloween last year, but when the device goes on general sale it will retail at $249 (about £175). I'm now waiting excitedly for my device to be shipped, the company have promised to send an email containing UPS tracking information as soon as shipments are dispatched from the production house in China, which should be any day now.

GhostArk Video Preview

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"GhostArk is the gadget that'll turn you into a real life Ghostbuster."
The Mirror

GhostArk's Features

GhostArk, with its 3.5" TFT colour display and easy-grip case made of soft-touch plastic really looks the part.  It's blue backlights can be turned on and off as you need making it safe and easy to use in the dark.  Even the on-screen user interface has been designed to guarantee optimal visibility in all conditions.

The device has a 3400mAh internal rechargeable lithium battery, which offers continuos operation for up to 6 hours.  It has 8GB of on-board flash memory to store audio recordings and can support an additional SD card where GhostArk can create csv data logs.

The original design for GhostArk including two built-in 0.8 watt speakers, allowing you to playback recordings straight from the device.  Sadly, this feature was later dropped and instead the device comes with a 3 watt external speaker and an additional cable to fix the it to your waist so the device can still be used hands-free.

Ghost Box
GhostArk has a built in radio tuner which rapidly scans AM, FM and SW frequencies, creating pure white noise.  You can monitor up to two frequencies in real-time while GhostArk records all three frequencies, along with your voice as a reference by using the 'push-to-talk' button.  It can be used to capture EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon).

EVP Recorder
You can use GhostArk's two, shielded, omnidirectional, high-sensitivity microphones to capture sounds between 5.7Hz up to 20KHz, including low frequency sounds which are inaudible to the human ear.  As well as being able to monitor audio in real-time, the sound is also recorded in non-compressed wav format in 44.1kHz CD quality for playback on any device.

Sound Trap
You can use GhostArk's audio output and external speaker to loop and play sounds previously captured with your device to encourage communication.  You can record through the microphones and play audio at the same time.

EMF Meter
GhostArk monitors changes in the electromagnetic fields from 30Hz up to 300Hz.  Changes can be tracked using a visuals on the main display and via the striking multi-coloured LED lights on the top part of the device which show signal variations.  The device also has an audible alert which sounds when larger changes are detected.

Temperature & Pressure Monitoring
GhostArk maintains an accurate indication of the local atmospheric conditions.  The shielded temperature sensor is not be affected by the other components inside the device to ensure a reliable temperature reading at all times.  The current temperature can be monitored on the main display and GhostArk alerts you to any sudden changes via a light.  As well as temperature, GhostArk's pressure sensor constantly monitors barometric pressure.

GhostArk Unboxing

The Making Of GhostArk

GhostArk was born in Venice, and what better place than a city which is said to be "a crossroad of residual energy and sentient entities," making it the perfect place to field test the device. Led by Rossi, the group of paranormal researchers set out to make ghost hunting easy and accessible to everyone and decided to do this by using cutting-edge technology, brining paranormal investigations into a new era.

Rossi himself is a well known paranormal blogger in Italy and has over thirty years of experience in paranormal field research.

The team first revealed their plans for GhostArk to the world in 2014 and completed a working beta version in early 2015, followed by the first official photos of the device in May. The device has been available to pre-order since August.

The team of engineers have spent over 12 months designing and prototyping the product in their lab in Italy, under the supervision of lead engineer, Antonio Converso, who worked in micro-robotics in Japan for 5 years. GhostArk has over 400 components and 4 independent micro-controllers that give the device its wide array of functionality.

Inside GhostArk: How It Works

In July 2015 the team released a video showing the two internal boards of GhostArk.

Data Export & Analysis

All GhostArk's customers get free access to an online data analysis platform where you can upload and store all of your field data. GhostArk logs all it's recordings in a file which can be uploaded to your personal profile on the website.

The tool lets you generate charts and infographics, cross-analyze from your data and even associates that data to the geographical location where it was recorded, this means that if you do more than one investigation in the same location, you'll be able to compare your findings.
Ghost Hunting Kit

"This is probably one of the coolest devices I've ever got my hands on."

Rating & Review

My device was one of the first to be shipped and unfortunately suffers from a few technical issues but despite it's initial faults, I love GhostArk.  In its current state I would rate the device 7.5 out of 10.  If GhostArk uphold their promise to replace any faulty products then GhostArk could easily end up with a 10/10 rating from me, as I believe the product honestly has that potential.

Ghost detector in use

Order Now

You can order your GhostArk now direct from starting with the basic package at $249.

For more serious investigators may wish to opt for the hunter pack at $311. This professional option will give you double the internal flash memory, giving you a total of 16GB. An external antenna which can be plugged into the 3.5mm jack port, to increase the reception of FM signals and earphones with a high dynamic range enabling you to listen to recordings from 5Hz to 20kHz.

GhostArk will be shipped worldwide by tracked courier. Before confirming the payment, before to check the shipping and handling costs, which are calculated based on your location.

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