Household Haunting Survey: Help Us Understand The Context & Settings Of Haunted Home

December 07, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal
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Ever had a spooky encounter or something unexplainable happen in your home? We want to hear about it. We're running a survey aimed at understanding the diverse range of experiences and factors associated with paranormal phenomena, and we'd really appreciate your input.

We want to find out more about people's experiences and the contexts in which people encounter paranormal activities. By sharing what you've gone through, you're contributing to a bigger picture. We'll then sift through all the responses to look for patterns and trends that may offer new insights, giving everyone a better grasp of the paranormal world.

This survey consists of 15 multiple-choice questions and should take approximately two minutes to complete. Some of the questions are a little personal in nature, don't worry, it's totally anonymous. We're not collecting any personal identifying information.

Household Haunting Survey


Have you ever experienced something in your current or a previous home that you believe to be paranormal?

The Aim Of This Survey

This survey is designed to explore not just the paranormal experiences of respondents but also the settings and situations surrounding them. Whether these events took place in your current home or a previous one, we’re interested in the backdrop against which these experiences unfolded.

The purpose of this survey is to identify patterns and correlations in the circumstances surrounding paranormal encounters. We want to understand the broader picture – how factors like the age and history of your home, the makeup of your household, and even your lifestyle at the time may relate to paranormal activity. This isn't about the spooky details of each encounter, but rather about the environment in which they occurred.

By contributing information about the context of your experiences, you'll help us gain a deeper, more nuanced understanding of paranormal phenomena. We're looking for diverse inputs to build a comprehensive analysis. If you’ve lived through something unexplained and remember the setting in which it happened, we'd greatly appreciate your insights.

We strongly encourage you to share this survey with friends, family, or anyone you know who has an interest in the paranormal. The more people who participate, the more robust and representative our results will be.

Thank you for taking the time to participate. Your input is invaluable. Please look out for the survey results on our website soon; they're bound to offer some intriguing insights.

How To Participate

To participate in this online survey, please read each question carefully, then select the option that best represents your views or experiences. There are 15 questions in total, which are:

1. Have you ever experienced something in your current or a previous home that you believe to be paranormal?

2. What types of paranormal activity did you experience?

3. How often did you experience paranormal activities?

4. During the time of these paranormal experiences, what were your living arrangements?

5. How old was your house when you experienced the paranormal activities?

6. Were there children living in the house at the time of the experiences?

7. Were there any pets in the house at the time of the experiences?

8. Would you say that the house was a particularly religious household at the time of these experiences?

9. How would you have described the spiritual orientation of your household at the time of these experiences?

10. During the time of these paranormal experiences, how did divorce or separation impact your household?

11. Thinking back to the time of these paranormal experiences, how would you describe the financial situation of your household?

12. Did you seek professional or spiritual help due to these experiences?

13. Did anyone in the household work night shifts or have irregular sleeping patterns at the time of these experiences?

14. Were there any ongoing health issues in the household at the time, particularly those that might affect sleep or mental health?

15. At the time of these experiences, would you have said you believed in ghosts?

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