Higgypop Creator Steve Higgins' New Book Offers A Balanced Insight Into 'Investigating The Unexplained'

By Matt Scofield
August 27, 2023 1:00 AM ‐ BooksGhost Hunting
Steve Higgins - Investigating The Unexplained
Ghosts, apparitions, and unexplained phenomena have always captured human curiosity. Whether a skeptic with raised brows or a believer with goosebumps, the allure of the unknown tends to call out to us all. Steve Higgins has taken this universal fascination and not only channelled it into his website Higgypop.com, but now his writings are the basis of his new book, 'Investigating The Unexplained: A Practical Guide To Ghost Hunting'.

In the book, Steve starts by bringing readers into a controversial debate that splits the ghost-hunting community. Should you research a location before visiting it, or go in blind to avoid bias? While some advocate prior knowledge, others prefer to plan without any preconceptions. The book does a marvellous job exploring both schools of thought, helping readers decide their best approach. You'll find advice on recognising symptoms of a haunting, classifications, and essential practices to eliminate all possible explanations for any paranormal activity.

But don't grab your camera just yet. The first chapter provides a practical guide on determining if a location is haunted. Steve outlines two distinct approaches: going in uninformed or conducting extensive research in advance. He takes you through the vital considerations, such as assessing the likelihood of a haunting's authenticity by understanding the area's history, property types, and financial motives. Steve also explores various classifications of hauntings, incorporating both paranormal beliefs and skeptical viewpoints.

Moving forward, Steve emphasises ruling out rational explanations. He impresses the importance of exhausting all possible normal explanations for any phenomena before considering them as evidence of the paranormal. Steve references Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's statement about eliminating the impossible, invokes the legal principle of removing all reasonable doubt, and underscores the application of Occam's razor. Through practical examples and explanations of phenomena like pareidolia, EMFs, toxins, and sleep paralysis, Steve advocates for a balanced and credible approach.

Next, we are guided through the task of capturing evidence. The third chapter of the book is an extensive guide dedicated to the essential equipment and methods, including audio recorders, video cameras, thermometers and trigger objects. Steve emphasises the importance of collecting measurable and observable data, and even challenges the notion that investigations should always be done in the dark. His insights make for a roadmap that encourages both skepticism and openness to the unknown.

How about communicating with ghosts or spirits? Steve delves into various supposed methods and principles, outlining traditional practices and more specific techniques. From the knock response method to Ouija boards, EVP, spirit boxes, and pendulum methods, he provides insights into functionality and limitations. There's also a strong emphasis on validating spiritual contact, balancing excitement with integrity and credibility.

Finally, the book doesn't shy away from the practicalities. Safety considerations and legal responsibilities are underscored. Steve warns about the potential dangers of old and derelict properties, emphasising basic rules, equipment, and respect for guidelines. He also explores the legal framework in the UK, stressing the imperative of responsibility and respect for personal safety and property rights.

So, whether you're a skeptic looking for logical explanations or a believer with a yearning to connect with the other side, 'Investigating The Unexplained: A Practical Guide To Ghost Hunting' is an invaluable treasure trove of wisdom. This book leaves no stone unturned and no ghostly whisper unheard.

Fancy giving ghost hunting a go? Get your torch ready, but mind you don't trip over the legalities โ€“ or the uneven floor. You'll find everything you need in this hauntingly good guide.

'Investigating The Unexplained: A Practical Guide To Ghost Hunting' is available now worldwide in paperback on Amazon, or as an eBook for Kindle.

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