Neil Storey Talks About Dracula & The Ghosts Of Bosworth Hall At The ParaMeet

September 25, 2022 8:10 PM

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Neil Storey At ParaMeet
Historian and author, Neil Storey, talks about his Bram Stoker biography, the ghosts of Bosworth Hall in Leicestershire and the importance of history and storytelling in the paranormal world.

While at the 2022 ParaMeet at the hotel, Neil spoke about a time he investigated the location with America psychic medium, Patti Negri. Neil recalls, "we came with no prior knowledge so nothing could affect the investigation and I often find that paranormal voices are often male, that's in my experience others may have different [opinions] and I respect that, but I often feel that women of the past generations lived in a time before equality as we hoped to know today and sometimes you do have to encourage the spirits or paranormal presence of women to come forward. It's okay to speak to us. You will not get in trouble for speaking to us."

This sensitive approach seemed to work for Neil, who said "here at Bosworth Hall there was a nurse who was looking after soldiers during the First World War, she spoke to us. We had EVP, it was absolutely magical."

The event took place on Saturday, September 25 and saw ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts from across the country come together. Neil was just one of a day-long schedule of speakers, which also included paranormal investigator Kate Cherrell, hypnotists Paul Goddard and custodian of Derby Gaol Richard Felix.

Neil had been asked to speak at the even about the topic of an upcoming book of his. Neil said, "it's the subject of my soon-to-be-published biography of Bram Stoker and we shall be particularly focusing on the origins of Dracula, and how Bram Stoker set about creating the character, why he created Dracula and his many inspirations."

The author said that the book will be released early next year, adding "it's an illustrated biography published by Pen & Sword books." He continued, "there'll be lots of new things in there too that people might not know, nothing ground shattering but some wonderful stories, some little features and some more about how Bram Stoker created a Dracula and other characters in his books."

Neil told us that he was raised in a "rich storytelling tradition in the county of Norfolk," and feels that sharing stories, including ghost stories, is an important tradition. He said, "I spent an awful lot of time with my grandparents when I was growing up, their friends loved to tell stories and it was a rich tradition." He added, "it does worry me that as time time moves on that tradition isn't always being passed on from generation to generation today."

Neil also had a stall at the event, which took over a whole wing of the hotel for the day. Neil's stall had a selection of historic and macabre artefacts for sale and on display, including coffin nails, 17th century lead mortuary crosses that were found in a plague pit, old coins and even a haunted doll. The child's toy lay peacefully in her wooden cot during the event, but one spiritually open guest said she could feel its ghostly breath on her hand.

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