Paul Rudd Confirmed For 2020 Ghostbusters Movie

June 29, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ MoviesParanormal

This article is more than three years old and was last updated in January 2020.

Paul Rudd has revealed in a viral video that he'll be answering the call and starring in the upcoming Ghostbusters movie, which is slated for release in the summer of 2020, and apparently he's sliming himself with excitement.

The US comedian and actor announced the news in a selfie-style video shot outside the iconic New York fire station which was used as the exterior of the gang's headquarters in the original 80s supernatural comedy movies. In the video, which went viral within minutes of it being posted on Thursday, Paul says "I can't wait to join the cast this fall for Ghostbusters. In fact, I'm sliming myself right now."

Sony Pictures have not yet revealed any details about the plot of the movie, which will be a direct sequel to the 1989 movie, 'Ghostbusters II'. There's also been no official announcement on the film's cast, however we do know that Dan Aykroyd will be reprising his role of Dr. Ray Stantz in some form, and Sigourney Weaver will return as Dana Barrett.

There's also rumours that Bill Murray will return as Dr. Peter Venkman and Annie Potts will return as Janine Melnitz.

The latest instalment in the paranormal franchise was officially announced by Sony back in January after they named Jason Reitman as the director, as well as the release date of summer 2020, and the promise that filming will start in a few months. According to Paul's video, it seems that filming will now start later this year.

Sony have already dropped an official teaser trailer featuring music from the iconic Elmer Bernstein soundtrack to the 1984 movie. The clip also features the proton pack sound effects from the original films and shows the severely weathered ECTO-1 in storage, as well as what looks like ectoplasm covering a fence.

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Director Jason Reitman is the son of Ivan Reitman, who directed the original 'Ghostbusters' in 1984 and 'Ghostbusters II' in 1989. Jason tweeted "Finally got the keys to the car" in reference to taking over the franchise from his father.

Movie fans might recognise Jason's name as the director of films such as 'Up in The Air', starring George Clooney, 'Juno', featuring Ellen Page and 'Front Runner' which is currently on release. But to Ghostbusters fans, that surname is very significant.

Here's what we know about the 2020 movie so far...
Paul is probably best known for his role in the long-running US sitcom 'Friends', he also starred alongside Will Ferrell in the cult classic 'Anchorman' series, as well as other movies including 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall', 'Clueless', 'Wet Hot American Summer' and 'Knocked Up'.

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