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  • Carlisle Railway Station

    This Grade II listed train station is a major hub on the West Coast Main Line and is home to many unexplained phenomenon.

  • Miltonrigg Woods

    The Naworth level crossing in Miltonrigg Woods is said to be haunted due to its grim past.

  • Muncaster Castle

    Muncaster Castle, located near the coastal town of Ravenglass, is said to be haunted by Tom Fool, AKA Thomas Skelton.

  • Most Haunted: Carlisle Castle

    June 09, 2010

    Built on the site of an ancient Roman fort, Carlisle Castle represents more than nine centuries of military and royal activity on the Anglo-Scottish border. Yvette Fielding and the investigators search for paranormal activity at Carlisle Castle in Cumbria, a setting for tales of murder and mayhem.

  • Most Haunted At Moresby Hall

    October 14, 2003

    Yvette Fielding and the team investigate spooky goings-on at Moresby Hall, an ancient manor house in Cumbria and have an eerie experience in a tunnel.

  • Most Haunted At Levens Hall

    September 17, 2002

    Levens Hall on the edge of the Lake District hosts this hour long special of Most Haunted. Ghosts reported at this historic house, which can trace it's origins to 1350, include a Grey Lady, a phantom black dog and a lady in pink.

  • 20 Most Haunted Places In The North West Of England

    September 08, 2019

    The North West of England played a major role in the industrial revolution and today has plenty of paranormal hotspots, mostly concentrated in the cities of Manchester, Liverpool and Blackpool.

  • I Went To See A Psychic's Live Stage Show

    August 22, 2018

    I recently went to see celebrity psychic medium, Donna Fallon, live on stage at a small theatre in Evesham for a night of messages from beyond the grave.

  • The 20 Places In The UK You're Most Likely To See A Ghost This Halloween

    October 16, 2017

    With Halloween fast approaching, you may be on the hunt for some local ghosts, but where in the UK are you most likely to spot a spook?

  • When Is The Next Friday The 13th?

    October 09, 2017

    Thankfully Friday the 13th doesn't come around too often, but when it does it's considered to be the most unlucky day in the calendar.