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  • Ghost Caught Knocking Pint Over In Haunted Sunderland Pub

    December 04, 2021

    The moment a pint was seemingly knocked off the bar by an unseen force in front of unsuspecting drinkers in a Sunderland pub has been caught on CCTV.

  • Ghost Hunting In The North East Aircraft Museum

    November 24, 2019

    The North East Aircraft Museum operates on the site of the former RAF Usworth in Washington (near Sunderland). It uses a piece of land that was once the site of the former hangars and living quarters.

  • Sunderland Empire

    The Sunderland Empire Theatre is a large theatre venue located in High Steet West in Sunderland that has been open for more than 100 years.

  • Hylton Castle

    A castle has stood on this site in the North Hylton area of Sunderland since the 11th century, originally the site of a wooden castle, but later rebuilt in stone.

  • Ryhope Green Crossroads

    This location isn't a building or even a landmark, it is in fact nothing more than a crossroad in the Sunderland village of Ryhope.

  • 10 Most Haunted Places In Sunderland

    February 23, 2019

    The riverside city of Sunderland grew as a port and today boasts some of the most haunted locations in Tyne and Wear, everything from haunted pubs to a lighthouse that's said to be haunted by its former keeper.

  • North East Of England

    Although the cities of Sunderland and Newcastle-upon-Tyne dominate our list of haunted locations in the North East of England, the whole region has plenty of ghost stories to tell.

  • Most Haunted: North East Aircraft Museum

    August 22, 2006

    An aircraft hanger with a rich history of WW2 has many aggressive spirits haunting the place. Will the Most Haunted Team discover any paranormal activity such as meeting the soldiers and spies said to be residing in this hanger or will it remain a place of stories?

  • Paranormal Review Of 2021

    December 30, 2021

    2021 was the year that the Ghostbusters returned to the big screen, we were treated to new episodes of our favourite ghost hunting shows and there was plenty of spooky news.

  • Haunted Lighthouses That Most Haunted Have Filmed Episodes At

    June 28, 2019

    Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team have visited some unlikely location in search of ghosts over the years, but lighthouses must be the most unexpected.

  • List Of UK Ghost Walks

    September 17, 2018

    Discover the most famous haunts in your area this Halloween, take a guided walking tour around your town on one of the UK's best ghost tours.

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