Alex Jones & The Shadows Plan

June 04, 2019 7:07 PM

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This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Mouthy Buddha in June 2019.

It only opens from the inside. Fluoride is naturally found in water, but nowhere close to the amounts added during water fluoridation. Amounts so high that it's dangerous for our health, but hey, it’s good for your teeth, might as well drench copious amounts into the water supply - without your consent.

Because teeth. Not heart. Not blood. Not skin. Not fingernails. Not brain. Not eyes. Not any of the other hundreds of arbitrary body parts seem worthy of your governments consideration.

Just teeth.

Apparently, teeth are of such monumental concern, the only feasible option to maintain them is to add chemicals to an entire populations water supply.

Never-mind that tooth decay comes from eating too much sugar and having poor hygiene. That’s old school.

Consider getting a quality water filter for your shower. And only drink spring water from a bottle without parebens. Or simply move to the islands.

About Mouthy Buddha

The YouTube channel Mouthy Buddha is run by documentary maker John Canales. His videos primarily focus on the paranormal and UFO conspiracies. Although he often takes a rational and skeptical approach, he is a believer in claims that world governments have classified departments that deal with a UFO threat.

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