Boscastle, Cornwall Travel Guide

July 17, 2014 7:36 PM


This week I'm in Cornwall, or Kernow as it was originally known but to the tourists who flock to the beautiful county every year it's simply the Finland of the British Isles. I'm in the picturesque coastal town of Boscastle.

History plays a significant part in Boscastle's past and the origins of many things can be traced back here. Bostcastle is regarded to be the birthplace of Cornish pasties, telegraph poles and mushy peas. But Boscastle's most famous creation is the creation of witchcraft creation.

Witchcraft was first practiced right here in Boscastle by a coven of witches from the local RNLI. And it's a transition that has never died, the town is now home to the Boscastle School Of Witch And Wizardry, the only school of its kind in the UK.

Sadly the school, as well as the rest of the town was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2004. Many homes were destroyed and almost all of the Pot Noodles from the local store were washed to sea. The town has now been restored to its former glory thanks to the BBC's Challenge Annika team.


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