Dybbuk Box Opening & Paranormal Experimentation

July 03, 2019 12:42 PM


I was given the chance to get my hands on a real dybbuk box, which is said to contains a malevolent spirit, or even a demon. This box was sent to me by an antiques dealer who got it from a house clearance and I'm going to open it in this video to find out what's inside.

I open the parcel to find what appears to be a very old wooden box and it's been sealed using melted wax to stop whatever's inside from getting out. Before I open it, I carry out a few paranormal experiments. First using a K-II EMF meter. The fact that the device lights up near the box means that it is emitting an electromagnetic field. EM fields are said to be associated with spirit manifestation. That means there is either something electronic in the box, or possibly a real supernatural entity.

Next I try a spirit box. This device rapidly scans through radio frequencies and it's believed that ghosts can use the burst of radio to communicate. A few seconds into the recording a distinct voice is heard, which seems to say "free me".

After the success of the EMF meter and spirit box experiments, I decide to leave a full spectrum night vision camera on the box over night. For most of the night nothing happened until 4:09am when the box starts vibrating and moving around.

The next morning it is time to open the box and find out what is inside and whatever it is is still effecting the EMF meter. I carefully cut through the wax and some string which is holding it closed. Strangely, when I open the box the EMF meter instantly stopped flashing.

Inside I found several odd items including, a burnt or damaged playing card - the queen of hearts, a manky-looking black feather, three sharp animal teeth perhaps from a cat or something similar, an old-looking ring that is very small so is perhaps a child's ring, what looks like a ball of wax, but there's something solid in the middle of it and a strange symbol made out of twine and twigs.

I put everything back in the box before trying to free the spirit inside using holy water, but when the box bursts into flames, I was forced to abandon the paranormal experiment.


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