How To Make Your Own Ghostbusters Style Slime

October 03, 2020 7:00 PM

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This video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Ghostbusters in October 2020.

Want to make some slime just like Slimer? Follow these short steps and learn how you can make this iconic ooze.
In order to create this ectoplasmic slime you'll need a half cup of water, a half cup of liquid starch one cup of white school glue and green food. And even though we're using food colouring this slime is not edible

Combine a half cup of water, a half cup of liquid starch and one cup of white school glue in a bowl. Once it starts coming together, add the green food colouring. Make sure you're in a good mood, we want to create the good kind of slime.

You can use other food colors to make all of the different variations of slime, like blue yellow and pink. Just be careful not to open a ghost portal. Now all you need is a slime blower and you'll be able to catch a ghost.

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