Higgypop Potions Top 10 Recipes Summer 2017

July 06, 2017 4:10 PM


I'm going to play you my ten most watched videos from the last few months, theses are the ten videos that you guys watched the most in the quickest time. Loads of you requested the number one video so it's no surprise it was such a hit.

1. How To Make A Potion To Become A Fairy
2. How To Make A Cat Potion
3. How To Make A Unicorn Transfiguration Potion
4. How To Make A Potion To Speed Up Time
5. How To Make A Fire Resistance Potion
6. How To Brew An Ice Power Potion
7. How To Make An Instant Billionaire Potion
8. How To Make A Confidence Potion
9. How To Make A Giant Peach Potion
10. How To Brew A Potion To Make Your Own Fantastic Beasts


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