How To Make A Clone Of Yourself With A Potion

January 18, 2018 3:51 PM
Have you ever wanted to clone yourself? Well in this video I'll show you how. The first ingredient you'll need is a philosopher's stone, they're pretty rare but very powerful.

Next drop in a feather from the back of a phoenix, then you'll need to carefully drop in a small lobster stone.

Then you'll need a handful of dintal deeleys, followed by a few sprinkles of donaley dust. Then top your cauldron up with about half a standard sized bottle of water.

The final ingredient you'll need is 100 quilvacks of jinxy juice. Then using a wooden spoon, stir well your mixture well and use a test tube to collect some of the potion.

Then you'll need to mark out a circle of protection using salt. Take some ritual stones and mark out the five elements, earth, fire, wind, water and air.

Then place an item belonging to you in the centre of the circle, I'm using this bracelet. Then drip a drop of the potion into the circle. The item will disappear as an offering to your clone, then at some point later that day when you least expect it, an identical version of you will appear.

But be warned, sometimes your clone can be evil and may play pranks on you.

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